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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Walk Through The Re-Imagined Test Track

The very first stop on our very first day of our most recent Walt Disney World trip was the newly re-imagined Test Track.  We were excited to see the changes of one of our favorite attractions. 

The queue weaves guests around futuristic models of vehicles.  Get your cameras ready!

Once around the far corner, a model car is visible with images being projected onto the car along with corresponding music and sounds.  Hence, the white looking car in the photo--as the images don't appear on the camera.

Next come a variety of screens in which to practice designing your future vehicle.  The premise is that you are going to design a car and then test its performance on the track--Test Track.

When we were there, guests were then given cards to scan to digitally hold the code for the test car design.  The second time we did this, our Key to the World Card was used as it was AM Extra Magic Hours.  Now I understand that guests' MagicBands are used rather than the cards.   If memory serves, it is one card for every 2-3 guests.
We were then assigned to stand on a number on the floor.  When the design studio doors open, you will then find the screen with the corresponding number.

Here we are at Design Station 5.  Time to get going on designing our test car.

Multiple language choices are also offered on the first screen.

As the designer moves through various menus to add options to the car, the 4 test elements--Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness, and Power are rated.  There is also a countdown timer.  If memory serves, the time was 4-5 minutes.

As you can see, the design car went through several renditions and the photo above was the last model.
The screen then tells you to move on to the testing location.

Time to get ready to ride!  The card was scanned near the ride entrance on special scanners, again with the idea that you are now testing your designed vehicle.

Here we are testing our car on the Test Track!

The first time we designed and rode the car, our design did not register during the simulation.  It could have been us and it could have been Test Track.  Needless to say, we asked about it when we exited the ride and were put back on the ride to try it again, still with varying results.  When we returned to EPCOT and rode Test Track later in our vacation, the outcome was better.  We look forward to trying it again during our next vacation.

The ride through portion in terms of the track or path is the same.  What is different is the story and the design elements.  Frankly, I missed the trees, the brake signs, the truck coming at us.  The blinking lights did not make the story for me.  I told the husband that we aren't the target demographic for this attraction.

Another portion of the attraction that has changed is the exit area.  Now, this is the part I enjoyed.  There was even more opportunities to utilize the car you designed for other things, such as viewing it in a commercial--with you!

Hints and tips for getting the most out the newly re-imagined Test Track:
  • Experience the Stand-by queue at least once.  We go to Test Track first when the park opens for minimal wait times.  Otherwise, use FastPass +.
  • Practice designing on the practice screens before the Design Studio to get a feel for the touch screens.
  • Make designing the car a family affair.
  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Plan to spend time on the after attraction area as it is worth it.
  • Make sure to scan your MagicBand and have the ride photo added to your Memory Maker account.
The boy loved designing the car both times.  Test Track is on our "must do" list for our next trip!

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