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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Easing Into A Disney Vacation

Taking the tram at Orlando International Airport from the gates to the main terminal
We have a tendency to “ease” into our vacations, especially Disney vacations.  And, that was true for our most recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort.

After a delayed flight—at least it was a direct flight so no worries about connections—we arrived safely at Orlando International Airport.  Our routine is to stop at either McDonalds or Burger King near the gates to grab a snack and drinks to take with us as we make our way to the Disney’s Magical Express check-in.  I typically pack snacks for both the plane and the bus to our resort, too.

On our Magical Express bus.  Is that a McDonald's bag?
Once on-board Disney’s Magical Express bus service to our resort, we sit back and relax as Disney is doing the driving!  This trip, the bus windshield wipers were working overtime as thundershowers were hitting the area.  Though, as if by magic, the rain lessoned and then stopped by the time we checked into our resort, Disney’s Coronado Springs.

Since we had checked in on-line before our stay, our materials were waiting for us.  Then it was off to pick-up our Garden Grocer order at Luggage Services—click here to read more-- and enlist Bell Services to take us to our room—click here to read more.

One thing first timers often underestimate is how long it can take to get from the airport to your Disney resort.  First, Orlando International Airport is BIG, dare I say HUGE.  Depending on the location of your arrival gate, the walk to the Disney’s Magical Express check-in area can take a while.  Then, there can be a wait for the bus to your resort.  The drive to the Walt Disney World Resort is about 45 minutes.  And, finally, your Magical Express bus may stop at multiple resorts to drop off guests.  Checking in at your resort and finding your room can also take time as Walt Disney World Resorts are not like local hotels with one building of rooms; Walt Disney World Resorts have multiple buildings which is why we use Bell Services.  I estimate 2 hours from the time you exit your plane to the time you “land” in your resort room.

Mountain Dew was included in our Garden Grocer order
Once we arrived at our room at Coronado Springs, it was time to put away the groceries and pull out swimsuits from our carry-on luggage.  It can take up to 5 hours for checked luggage to arrive in your room, so plan ahead and pack needed items in your carry-on bags.

Poolside bar and grill at Coronado Springs
Since the rain had stopped, we headed to the main pool at Coronado Springs—The Dig Site.  There is a bar and a counter service mini-restaurant and they both fill the refillable mugs!  The arcade, volleyball court, playground, pool with Jaguar slide, and hot tub are all in this location.  Poolside games and activities happen by day and poolside movies are shown at night.

Dining poolside and our refillable mugs

The Dig Site pool at Coronado Springs
We ordered dinner, filled our mugs, and immediately got into relaxation mode for our vacation.

Making S'mores poolside
The boy roasted marshmallows and made S’mores—one of the many poolside activities hosted by Cast Members throughout the day.

Poolside movie viewing--Disney movie of course!
As the sun set, the Mayan Temple at the Dig Site glistened.  And as soon as it was dark enough, the inflatable movie screen appeared and a Disney movie was shown.  To find out what movies will be playing at your Disney Resort, just check the resort information found in the packet of materials you receive upon check-in at your resort.

The husband in the hot tub at Coronado Springs
Our relaxing evening recharged us for the rest of our vacation.  We were ready to hit the parks the next morning!
Rested and ready for the day!

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