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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What Happens If You Have To Cancel Your Disney Vacation?

With millions of visitors annually to the Walt Disney World Resort, many dream of visiting and being inside the magic.  The attendance numbers indicate the many of those dreamers actually make it to the most magical place on earth.  But what about the dreamers who don’t make it?  What happens when you cancel your Disney vacation?

The message boards are filled with prospective travelers who have vacations booked and for various reasons, end up canceling.  I read about one traveler who canceled their vacation just three days prior to departure.  Another family didn’t cancel but their flights did and they were hopeful to catch the next flight, only to find out the next flight was four days later, so they got behind the steering wheel and braced themselves for the multi-day drive, making it so they didn’t have to cancel their entire vacation, just move reservations around a bit.

We canceled a reservation for a Disney cruise a few years back.  The cost for the cruise was much higher than a trip to Walt Disney World, so we transferred our deposit from the cruise and applied it towards our reservation for Walt Disney World.  All it took was one phone call.  Were we disappointed?  Sure.  And at the same time, we knew we were still headed to the magic and would have a great time.  And we did!

If canceling a Disney Vacation ends up on your “to do” list, don’t give up the dream of visiting the most magical place on earth.  Keep the dream alive and make plans for a Disney Vacation for another time.

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