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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, January 10, 2014

What Would You Buy With $25 At Walt Disney World?

What would you buy if you only had $25 to spend at the Walt Disney World Resort?  I posed this question to the husband and son recently, as I thought it was an interesting question.

The husband had a response I hadn’t anticipated.  He gregariously claimed that the question was unfair; how dare I ask such I question.  I then explained that the question was for “pretend” and that it didn’t represent the amount of money that would be in the budget for our upcoming trip.  (I guess he was worried!)

After he calmed down, he answered with “pins” meaning Disney trading pins.  I could have predicted that one.  He then added “Vinylmation” to his list.  Disney Vinylmation are plastic/vinyl characters that can be purchased, traded, and/or collected—click here to read more.

The boy was a toss up as his first response was Legos.  Even $25 can go a ways at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney—click here to read more.  He also added Disney Vinylmation to his list as those come in under $10 typically.

Then it was my turn.  While it is easy for me to pose these types of questions, it can be difficult for me to answer.   My first response was a Christmas tree ornament to commemorate our trip.  Though, after thinking some more, if photos weren’t somehow already involved in our trip, those would be moved to the top of the list; the priority being to capture the memories.

What would you buy if you only had $25 to spend at the Walt Disney World Resort?

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