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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bell Services at Walt Disney World Resorts

Have you ever arrived at your Disney resort and wished you could be magically transported to your resort room just like your luggage?  Well, Disney is great at granting wishes.  Voila!  Bell Services.

At Disney Resorts, guests can find Bell Services and Luggage Services.  While they may seem similar, each is poised to handle various tasks that guests may need.  Luggage services handles storing, airport check-in, and delivery of luggage to your resort room after it arrives from the airport via Magical Express.  Bell Services caters to you, the guest.

We have used Bell Services to come to our resort room on check-out days to retrieve us and our luggage prior to boarding Disney’s Magical Express back to the elevator.  Not having to navigate our luggage and ourselves across the resort, even though we have seen other guests do just that, is much appreciated.  The service is free though Bell Services does appreciate a tip of $1-2 per bag.

Engaging their services is easy.  Just call from your resort room phone the evening prior to your departure and arrange a time for pick-up, usually 15 to 30 minutes prior to your Disney’s Magical Express boarding time—click here to read more.  A capable Bell Services Cast Member will knock on your door with a large two wheel cart, load up your luggage, escort you to the waiting motorized cart (a golf cart built for 6 plus luggage), and load your luggage onto the cart.  Then you take a seat and enjoy the ride to the Magical Express pick-up location at your resort.  You can even arrange for Bell Services to come for you earlier than your Magical Express departure if you would then like luggage services to store your bags or use Resort Airline Check-in while you enjoy the parks or the resorts on your check-out day.

So, that is how to use Bell Services at the end of your vacation, but what about the beginning?  Some Disney Resorts are spread out and the maze of room numbers can be confusing.  Have you circled an entire resort building to find the exact location of your room even after consulting the resort map?  As I told the husband, this was my least favorite part of a Disney vacation.  Here we were either tired from travel or anxious to get the vacation started, still toting carry-on bags, and have to find our room, sometimes in the dark!  Well, no more!  Now, we retain the services of Bell Services upon our arrival at the resort.

After we check-in at our resort, have room number and Key to the World Cards ready, we find Bell Services and ask for assistance.  Sometimes the husband is sitting near their location with our bags just to make it easier while I head to Guest Registration and take care of check-in details—which go quickly as we have already checked in on-line prior to our stay.

The carry-on bags and possibly groceries, if we used GardenGrocer.com for a grocery delivery (click here to read more), are then placed in the cart, we tell the Bell Services are resort room number, take a seat, and off we go.  The tip is well worth this service to easily locate our resort room and be magically transported, just like our luggage!

On our last trip, after being safely delivered to our resort room via Bell Services, we walked back to the main building to enjoy lunch, explore the resort, refill our mugs, etc.  We came upon a couple, older in years, slowly traversing a bridge, commenting that they didn’t know how far it was to their room.  Though they were going the opposite direction, I stopped to ask if they needed assistance.  Our conversation ended with them following us back to the main building and eliciting the help of Bell Services to find their room.  Too bad the Cast Member at Guest Registration didn’t recognize that walking the distance to their resort room across the sprawling resort was going to be a hardship and suggest the use of Bell Services for these guests; possibly even calling for Bell Services’ assistance for the guests.

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