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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, July 5, 2013

How Many Photopass Photos Will Be On Our Account After Our Next Trip to Walt Disney World?

1 of 552 Photopass Photos from March 2012
With our next trip to Walt Disney World well within site, it is time for some speculation, guessing, estimation. 

What are we guessing?  We are going to guess how many Photopass photos will be in our account when we arrive home after our trip. . . before editing of course.

Now, to give the estimates some ball park to land in, I have the numbers from previous trips.  Just to get us started. . .

Our most recent trip that included 5 nights on the Disney Dream and 3 nights at Walt Disney World, with only one day in the parks produced 132 Photopass photos.  Yes, that is right, ONE day in the parks, the place that guests would find Photopass photographers gave us 132 photos.  I must also add that on one of our “non park” days we went to Downtown Disney and the Photopass location for some family photos--click here to read more.  Does it also help to know that Jedi Training Academy photos were also included and that can add a bunch of photos to one’s Photopass account?

In March of 2012, we stayed 7 nights at Walt Disney World and had 552 photos on our Disney Photopass account when we came home.  It was a new record for us and required two discs when the CD’s were mailed (still the same cost though).  There were some “extras” as we had photos from opening Magic Kingdom and also being the family of the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and those photos were included in our photo count.

Our trip two years ago in July was a sea and land adventure with 5 nights on the Disney Dream followed by 6 nights at Walt Disney World.  Since Photopass is only available on “land” we ended up with 367 Photopass photos.  Well worth the pre-order reduced price of the Photopass CD, don’t you think?

The November 2010 trip was a 4 night stay and we had 285 Photopass photos.  During our March 2010 Walt Disney World visit, which was a week, 381 Photopass photos were taken. 

So, how many Photopass photos might we come home with this trip?  Let’s see, 11 nights/12 days, visiting all parks with a 9 day ticket, plus water parks, at least one trip to Downtown Disney for family portraits, oh, and we have Photopass + this trip which will include ride photos and dining photos—at select rides and dining locations—click here to read more.

Will we pass the 1,000 photo mark?  The husband thinks so.  Sometimes I have a contest with myself, and the Cast Members at Photopass locations, in regards to the number of photos in our account.  For example, we might be at Downtown Disney getting our photos taken and when our Photopass card is scanned, I might ask how many photos we have on our account.  The Cast Member tells me and then informs me that they have seen another family have such and such number of photos.  Oh yeah?  We can beat that number!  Or when I am at the Photopass location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios getting the boy’s Jedi Training Academy photos added to our account, I might inquire about how many photos are in our account.  The Cast Member upon sharing the number may also ask about the number of days we are staying and then do some mental math to share about another family staying a similar length of time that had so many photos. 

While there is technically no limit to the number of photos one can have taken, there is a limit to the number of days of photos can be taken on one account and that is over a 14 day period.

Basically, our $149 pre-order price for Photopass + will be well worth the money.  6 out of the 8 rides included with ride photos are on our touring plan (and some of them may get visited more than once!) and 5 of the 8 dining locations that are included in the Photopass + are on our ADR list.  Add Jedi Training, family photos at Downtown Disney, any water park photos, and all the rest and we will be paying pennies for each photo.  A great value!

You are welcome to leave a comment with a guess.  Check back after our return as our “By the Numbers” post will include the exact number of Photopass photos, prior to editing.  Here is my guess:  1,238.

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