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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Disney "Wishes" for Our Next Trip to Walt Disney World!

“A dream is a wish your hearts makes. . . when you are fast asleep” but I have been dreaming, Disney dreaming that is, while wide awake.  And because of that, there are some “wishes” for our upcoming trip:

Wish #1:  That we get selected, randomly or otherwise, to test MagicBands and Fastpass +.  I have logged into My Disney Experience on-line and our plans are there, but nothing indicating MagicBands or Fastpass +.  I do have the app on a mobile device and next will be to put it on my new Smartphone (yes, I went there!).

MagicBands are bracelets worn by guests that incorporate the latest in RFiD technology and include all information such as tickets, dining, Fastpasses, etc. all with the touch or tap of the bracelet.  Fastpass+ is the ability to pre-select various Fastpass attractions and experiences prior to arriving at the parks and have the information electronically loaded into MagicBands.   Planners will love Fastpass + as it allows guests to preselect times for attractions, etc. 

I got wind of an internet rumor that guests at Coronado Springs were being selected for the MagicBand trials.  Pick me, pick me!  Sign us up!  I will be looking for Cast Members with iPads at Disney’s Magical Express at the airport as well as in the registration area of the resort.

Wish #2:  That the Limited Time Magic theme for our stay, which has yet to be announced, is Long Lost Friends.  Limited Time Magic is the year long Disney theme for 2013 featuring various themed events and celebrations throughout the year, each for a limited time.  The Long Lost Friends theme has shown up twice yet so far this year and we would love to see it again as it features unusual and not often found characters.  This wish is for the husband as he would love to meet the Big Bad Wolf. 

We do know that there will be a Summer Beach Party happening at Typhoon Lagoon, Lone Ranger merchandise will be available, and Mike and Sully will be providing our wake-up calls during our stay, all a part of various Limited Time Magic themes and celebrations.

Wish #3:  This one is for the boy, who along with his mother, would love to somehow obtain a visit to or stay at Cinderella’s Castle Suite.  I asked on a message board site if guests are still being randomly selected for this privilege, similar to Year of a Million Dreams, and most replies indicated no, as a stay was being used for prizes for various contests or the Make a Wish Foundation.  There was one hopeful reply to my message and it said that after reading our blog, if anyone could make a stay in the Castle Suite happen, we could! 

One never knows what sort of magic and surprises we have in store for us during our upcoming trip to the most magical place on earth.  All I know is that we are up for it. . . whatever it is!  Our rule:  Say “yes.” 

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