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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney's Photopass Photos--Beyond The Parks

The boy poses for the Photopass photographer at Downtown Disney

My relationship with Disney’s Photopass was not love at first site; it was more of a long courtship that has cemented the relationship for life.  We did not see the need or advantage of Disney’s Photopass service until our third trip to Walt Disney World.  We have taken advantage of Disney’s Photopass—click here to read more—for every trip since, including our December 2012 trip in which we only spent one day in the parks—Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be exact.
A prop was added for some photos.

I had to seriously weigh the $119 pre-order Photopass CD cost knowing that we would only be spending one day in the parks, as that is where most Photopass photos are taken.  Though, even with our short trip, we had 132 Photopass photos before editing, some of which were taken outside the parks.  I bet you are wondering how you get Photopass photos taken outside of the parks.

 One way, and our favorite way, of getting Photopass photos taken outside the parks is to drop by the Photopass Studios at Downtown Disney located near Guest Services.  Just walk in and ask them to photograph you.  We do this on nearly every trip and have various photos taken.  I like to think of this as a portrait session for the family and we have special frames that keep a series of these photos in our bedroom.  It is like having a family time-line of sorts.

The Photopass photographers are very friendly.  We typically arrive early in the day and have yet to find them “busy” or with a line.  They are there primarily to photograph the little princesses who have experienced the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique make-overs at World of Disney.
Photo taken at Disney's Wilderness Lodge
While seasonal, another way is to find a Photophass photographer at your deluxe resort.  We bumped into them in the lobby of Wilderness Lodge.  It was a complete surprise.  We had our Photopass card, so why not.  Even if we didn’t have our Photopass card, we could have had our photos taken, gotten a new card that the photographer scanned into the system, and then added that card to our Photopass account later—either at a Photopass store inside a park or on-line.

The last way to get Photopass photos outside the parks is by dining at various restaurants or shows that take photos, then purchasing those photo packages (unless you have already purchased Photopass +) and then adding the restaurant/show photos to your Photopass account.  For example, if you dine at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort, you get your photo taken as a family or group prior to your meal.  While you are eating, someone comes to your table and offers the photo package to you for around $33.  If you purchase, you can then ask them to add the photos to your Photopass account.  If they can’t add the photos, write down the numbers from the bottom of the photo—after your purchase—and take them to a Photopass store located inside the parks or Downtown Disney and have them manually add the photos to your Photopass account.  Guests with Photopass + will be able to have those photos added to their account as they are already “pre-purchased” so to speak.
This photos is one of many reasons I love Disney's Photopass!
For us, taking a Walt Disney World vacation also means committing to Photopass.  I tell the Photopass photographers that they put the vacation into my vacation as I can relax and let them capture the memories for us.  My only problem is the delayed gratification that it requires to wait until I edit the photos on-line and send for my CD after returning home from our vacation!  Disney’s Photopass realizes this and now offers guests a “Download” purchase option, rather than shipping the CD.  The last time I checked the “Download” option was available for certain size of file or number of photos.  Say “cheese”!

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