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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, March 4, 2013

Disney Dreaming--A Stay In Cinderella's Castle Suite?

Because of Disney we believe that a dream is a wish your heart makes.  Lately, our boy has been expressing the desire, the wish, the dream of somehow making his way to the Cinderella Castle Suite at the Magic Kingdom and getting to stay there.  While this dream could have been a reality during the “Year of a Million Dreams” that lasted more than a year, the reality now is uncertain.

I am aware that overnight stays in the Castle Dream Suite are often prizes in contests and give-aways.  Also, I have been told that stays are provided to the rich and famous, a status beyond our reach.  Charities and foundations have also been afforded the elusive Castle Suite for deserving clients.  And, thankfully, the boy doesn’t qualify in this category either.

Just knowing his dream, made me inquire about the status of the Castle Suite on the message boards,  In addition to obtaining helpful information about the status, I was cautioned about “not setting his expectations too high” as he would be disappointed.  Was I “fanning” the flame of his desire and setting him up to be disappointed?  What a fine line for a parent to walk to not squelch his dreams.

One comment to my message board post was hopeful and warmed my heart.  The poster said they had been to our blog and with our string of luck if there was anyone who could make it happen, we could.  I replied with thanks as we have been very fortunate in our magical Disney experiences and for that we are so grateful!

We don’t march into the Magic Kingdom or any other park expecting or demanding magical experiences—they just happen—typically when our family is making magic of its own.  When the boy expressed the desire to light the Christmas tree on the Disney Dream, my response to him was to ask when he got on board.  And, boy did he!  His persistence and his dream made for a magical experience—click here to read more.  So, that is my response to his dream of staying in Cinderella’s Castle Suite;  ask when we get to Walt Disney World.  Will he remember?  I’m sure of it.  Will he ask and inquire?  Yes, he will.  Will he be okay with any answer?  Definitely.  Will his dream make or break our vacation?  No way!  

There is always room to pack faith, trust, and pixie dust in our luggage.  That, and knowing that dreams really do come true!

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