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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disney Documents Arrived For Our Next Trip to Walt Disney World!

Our Disney documents arrived for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World!  Inside the quarter inch thick envelope is package information, luggage identity tags, and the famous, and colorful, Magical Express luggage tags.

Easy stuff first, the luggage identity tags—which have a new design.  We have many of these from our various trips that are already on our luggage, but have always found that we add a new bag or two and need the new luggage tags.  Find the paper insert to record your identity information inside the booklet—usually 2-3 pages in.  

We only write our last name and cell phone on this little card before putting it inside the luggage tag.  Why?  Well, if I put our address on it, folks know what house is empty, but with our name and cell phone, if the luggage is lost or misplaced, there is enough information for us to be contacted.

These tags work great on other bags as well, like the boy’s lunchbox that he is taking to his summer programs, the soccer bag, backpacks, etc.  I have even seen folks put the plastic cord through zipper pulls and use them for their children in case they become lost (think ski lift tag).

Now the colorful Disney’s Magical Express luggage tags—which have adhesive.  There will be one per person in your travel party if you have registered to use Disney’s Magical Express service—click here to read more. 

These tags go on your checked luggage, prior to checking.  Forgetting to tag the bags almost happened to us one time when the husband got a head start at the airport and I hadn’t put the tags on the bags yet.  Yikes! 

When adhering the tags, pull them through the luggage handle prior to removing the adhesive on both ends of the tag.  Once through the handle, remove the adhesive on both ends and then press together.  The whole tag does not have to stick together, just the ends.  And, trust me, you only want the ends sticking together as even those are tough to pull apart when you remove the tags for the trip home.

Once you check your bags with the colorful tags, you will not see them again until they are delivered to your room at your Disney Resort.  There will be a delay in their arrival, up to 5 hours, so pack what you need right away in your carry-on luggage.  We pack swimsuits, park necessities, jammies, and close for the next day in our carry-on luggage just in case.

If your flight arrives after 10:00 pm, most likely you will not receive tags, as you will retrieve your luggage from baggage claim and proceed to Disney’s Magical Express counter.  The luggage handling portion of Disney’s Magical Express ends at 10:00 pm each day.

Now for the booklet full of important information and vouchers!  Most important, put this booklet in a place where you can find it easily as it will be needed at the airport, Orlando International, at Disney’s Magical Express Counter.  You will also need it again when you arrive at your resort.

I put mine either on the outside pouch of my purse or bag, or if I am traveling with several travel documents, it is inside a folder which I can easily get to in my shoulder bag.

Inside the booklet are the tickets that get scanned for Disney’s Magical Express—you don’t have to pull them out, just turn to the page in the booklet and have them ready and visible.

Your reservation information is also included in the booklet and may be helpful at your resort in case there is confusion.  Most of the time this is all in Disney’s computer system, but there have been glitches at times.  Better safe than sorry.

Our favorite parts of the booklet are the vouchers!  There is a voucher for arcade points that can be used at any arcade at a Walt Disney World Resort.  I say “any” arcade, as during our last trip, while we were staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs, the boy used the arcade points at the arcade at the Contemporary as we had made a stop there for some exploring.  Just make sure the voucher is handy when going to the arcade.  (I give this voucher to the husband he puts it inside his lanyard wallet.)

There is also a AAA Diamond Parking certificate that allows for parking in special AAA spaces when available at three of four theme parks—Disney’s Animal Kingdom does not have special parking spaces available.  Guests still have to pay for parking, it just allows access to special parking spaces.  We have yet to ever use this perk, as we rely on Disney’s transportation system.

My favorite is the AAA Diamond Savings Card which allows for discounts for dining, shopping, spa treatments, and even special tours.  The best discount I have found is 10% off at World of Disney with a $75 or more purchase.  We wait until we are at Downtown Disney to purchase our “souvenirs” and take advantage of the discount.  I put this card in the pouch at the end of my lanyard with my Key to The World Card so I have it just in case. Other vouchers include discounts for boat rentals, child care, and miniature golf. 

A new voucher that was included with our package materials was for Disney’s Photopass + which I will need to exchange for our Photopass + card at any Photopass location in the parks or at Downtown Disney or at select deluxe resorts.  I also understand it can be exchanged at the restaurants that participate in the dining photo with Photopass +.   This voucher will too go in my lanyard pouch.

While it is important to have the package booklet handy when you arrive in Orlando and to your resort, it may not need to be carried with you throughout your Disney vacation.  Just make sure you have wanted/needed vouchers with you prior to leaving your resort for the day.  If miniature golf is on your agenda, grab the vouchers, or even if you think it might be on the agenda, take the vouchers.

This also brings me to another important point, be sure to read through your materials.  When ours arrived, we were missing a particular voucher—I’ll explain more another day—so I contacted my travel agent.  We are still working on solving the issue, but it is better now than after we have arrived in Orlando.  Also, if this is your first vacation or your first one in a long time, reading through the package information can be beneficial. 

It is exciting when the Disney Mail arrives as it means your magical Disney vacation is not far away!  That’s how we feel anyway!  

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