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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch--Well, Breakfast Anyway!

That’s us at the Hyatt at Orlando International Airport ready to eat our free breakfast before catching our Disney Cruise Line bus to the port.  Did I tell you the breakfast was free?  Well, it was free for the adults and we got a great deal paying for the boy’s breakfast.  How did we get a free breakfast?  It was included in the fantastic rate our travel agent got for our room and I wasn’t going to turn down a free meal, frugal as I am. 

That same frugality is what got me into the coupon game and now the coupon game has turned into teaching coupon classes!  A friend and I have teamed up and have taught two rounds of classes so far with three more starting this month!  We were even featured in the local newspaper—click here to read more.

The savings on everyday things from gasoline to haircuts allows us to enjoy our trips to Disney.  And, if we need to tighten the belt a bit due to an unexpected expense, I know our freezer and pantry can tide us over.

The whole family is in on the savings game from packing food from our house instead of eating out when we are on the go, looking for deals on needed items, and clipping coupons.  A few days ago the boy asked if I had any toy coupons and the husband sent me a text this morning indicating he had saved over $35 when purchasing gas using a local grocery store’s fuel saver program. 

In addition to saving on everyday purchases, I have made a goal to not spend any money out of pocket for holiday gifts this year.  I’ve already started with my first “acquisition” (I can’t really say purchase) of an 11 X 14 collage photo print that only required a small shipping fee and will eventually need a frame.  I also have Amazon gift cards stacking up by using Swagbucks to earn daily while searching the web—click here to get started with Swagbucks.  (Click here to read about the free gifts last holiday season.)

While some would see Disney travel and saving money as somewhat juxtaposed opposites, I actually see them as collaborative partners.  By saving money, we have more money for Disney AND I have figured out ways to save money on Disney travel.  For example, our next trip will be 11 nights Monday through the following Thursday.  I know that the most expensive nights to stay on property are Friday and Saturday nights, therefore, we only have one Friday and Saturday night during our stay.  I also know that Saturday and Sunday flights are more expensive, so we are flying on a Monday and Friday.  Just by adjusting our stay, even though it is lengthy, we saved money on our stay and our flights.  And, by having such a long stay, the cost per day of our park tickets is minimized and becomes more economical—more savings!  Just imagine how many Photopass photos we will be able to squeeze in during such a long trip!  Shazam!  Our cost per photo on a pre-ordered (at a savings) Photopass CD just went down!

Yes, there are ways to save for and on a Disney vacation.  But since we are still months away, I think I’ll concentrate on everyday savings.  Coupons, anyone?

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