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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Used Swagbucks For My Holiday Shopping

 Shhhh. . . . Don't tell anyone on our holiday shopping list, but I got all of the items in the photo above for FREE!  How did I do that?  Swagbucks, that's how.  When interacting with the Swagbucks website, I was able to earn Swagbucks that could be redeemed for prizes and gift certificates.  My favorite is the $5 Amazon gift card.  I then apply the gift card to my Amazon account--they never expire--and then make purchases at Amazon.  All of the items in the photo above were purchased at Amazon.  So, 4 Disney watches, cookie cutters, and an Olympus camera all for FREE.  Okay, the camera isn't for holiday gift giving, it is for our family.  I began earning Swagbucks in July and had nearly $200 in Amazon gift cards when it came time to do our holiday shopping.
Here's how Swagbucks works:

Once you click here to get started, you will be greeted with a log-in or join screen.  You can create an account through Facebook or by using an email and creating a  password.  Joining Swagbucks in free.

Once you join, it is about earning Swagbucks.  The easiest way to earn is by searching--using Swagbucks as your internet search engine, just like you would Google.  Just type in your search in the Search and Win window at the top of the Swagbucks homepage.

You can also download the Swagbucks toolbar to your desktop and use it for your internet searchers.  I typically "win" twice a day when searching. . . once in the morning after 2-7 searches and again later in the day.  Here's what it looks like when you win Swagbucks.

Another way to earn Swagbucks it to find Swagcodes.  When you see the Swagbucks Swidget click on SC to see if any Swagcodes have been released in various locations--right there on the Swidget, Facebook, Twitter, or the Swagbucks Blog.  You can find a Swagbucks Swidget here on the Williams Family Blog--I use it to find Swagcodes.

When you find a Swagcode, copy it and paste it in the "Gimme" box on the Swagbucks homepage.

There are still more ways to earn Swagbucks.  Check out the "Earn" menu on the Swagbucks homepage for Coupons--just print, save, and earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon scanned when you shop.  You can watch the news on Swagbucks TV and earn Swagbucks.  Then there is "Shop & Earn" where you can earn Swagbucks by shopping at your favorite on-line retailer.  Just start at Swagbucks Shop & Earn when you go to shop on-line.

When you have earned Swagbucks, head on over to the Swagstore and redeem your Swagbucks for prizes.  Find the Swagstore under "Redeem" on the menu bar on the Swagbucks homepage.

Be sure to "Verify" your Swagstore purchase either on-line with your password or through your email.  It can take a few days, no more than a week, for the gift card code to be credited to you but Swagbucks will send you an email telling you the gift card code is ready to be used.

Amazon not your thing?  Well, there are Target, Wal-Mart, Paypal, and many other gift card selections available and other prizes.

My goal is use Swagbucks for all of my holiday shopping one year from now.  And if I was able to snag almost $200 in Amazon gift cards in less than half a year, I'm pretty sure I can earn enough Swagbucks when I have an entire year.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

So, go head.  Get started earning Swagbucks.  It's easy and free.  Click here to get going.

Yes, some things in life are free!

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