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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ebates--Get Money Back When You Shop On-line

I want to talk about Ebates.  Ebates is an on-line hub with links to your favorite on-line stores where you can earn cash back for shopping on-line.  I joined in February 2011 have earned $135 in cash back for my on-line purchases.  Ebates mails me a "Big Fat Check" four times a year for my earnings.  Joining is FREE and all it requires is an email address.  You can make up your own password.

I am still amazed by the tech savvy folks who shop on-line regularly who have yet to use Ebates.  Consider this a tutorial of sorts.

Start here by clicking on this link.  It will take you to the new member screen for Ebates and you will get to select your Bonus!  You will earn your selected Bonus after you make your first qualifying purchase.

After you select your Bonus, you will be directed to a login screen where you enter your email and password.  This is also the screen you will see when you login after your initial visit to Ebates.

Once you have joined and are logged in, you start shopping.  Check out the list of stores by clicking on "Shop All Stores" button featured in the upper left hand side of the screen.  Clicking here will give you an alphabetical list of all the stores featured on Ebates.  And, great news, Ebay is back!

For this shopping trip, I am going to pretend that I want to make a purchase at Disneystore.com.  (You knew I would get it in there somewhere, now didn't you?)  So, after clicking on "Shop All Stores" I would find Disney Store in the list.  (Once you become familiar with the stores, just type the name of the store in the Search box on the screen.)

Wow, shopping at the Disney Store through Ebates will allow me to earn 3% back on my purchase.  I then click on the store name as it will take me to a list of on-line codes for even more savings!

If I wanted to purchase a Disney Dooney and Bourke bag, I could save 10% using the on-line code provided on Ebates.  Each store will have a listing of codes and offers.  You may have to enter the Code in the Promotion Code box during check-out when making your on-line purchase if it isn't already linked to the transaction.

Click "Shop Now" on the screen.  You will see an Ebates Tracking Ticket open on the screen, but usually for just a few seconds.  Don't worry.  Ebates automatically stores the Ticket number in your account. . . just in case you need it later.  Here's what the Ticket looks like:

Once the Tracking Ticket disappears from the computer screen, you will then see the homepage for the on-line store.  In this case, Disneystore.com.

Go ahead and shop!  Your transaction will be linked to your Ebates account and your 3% will be credited to your account within a few days.

If your shopping gets interrupted, no problem.  Just log back into Ebates and make your way to your on-line store again, even if it means multiple Tracking Tickets for the same store.  The only tracking ticket that matters is the one connected to the purchase transaction.

In addition to Disney Store and Ebay, there are other opportunities, like LivingSocial and Groupon.  There is even a "Gift Card" section on Ebates where you can earn money back for purchasing Gift Cards--great for holiday gift giving!  Check out travel offers with cash back being available for hotel, airline, and rental car purchases, too!

If you want to check the status of your account, click on "My Ebates" on the screen.  Here's a screen shot of my account:

I'll get my next "Big Fat Check" in February!  More cash to apply towards our next trip to Disney!

Ebates. . . it's FREE, easy, and you earn cash back doing the on-line shopping that you would normally do.  Yes, some things in life ARE free!  The trick is remembering to start at Ebates every time you shop on-line.

Happy shopping!

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