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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mrs. Williams Goes To City Hall

I had my foray into city government the other day.  It seems that two years of research of swimming pools and water parks makes you somewhat of a reference when your city wants to add a lazy river to the local water park/wave pool—something I fully endorse.  Here’s the story. . .

About a month ago, I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper after an op/ed published the day before was somewhat skeptical of the addition of a lazy river to our local water park.  I felt compelled to respond.  The editor of the paper phoned to confirm that indeed it was me who wrote the piece and during our conversation it came up that the Williams Family frequents local pools and that we review the pools on the Williams Family Blog.  The letter to the editor was in the newspaper the next day and the next week there was a feature story about the Williams Family Blog—click here to read more.

Then, last week, there was a notice in the newspaper regarding a public hearing for the lazy river.  Checked the date and time and the schedule.  Yes, I was free at that time and made it a priority to attend.

My plan was to take the “temperature” of the room, sit, watch, and listen.  A few minutes into the meeting, when the public hearing portion began, the Parks Director called me by name to come to the table and address the board.  I swallowed, walked across the room, acknowledged the board, and began to explain the features at other water parks that have added lazy rivers.  Prices, depths, slide towers, tube availability, water features, zero depth entries vs. steps, etc.  I hadn’t prepared any remarks and was peppered with questions, many that I could answer.  Our experiences and research paid off!

A reporter from the local newspaper was in the room, so when I came home from the meeting I told the husband what had happened and that I might be in the newspaper the next day.  Sure enough, I was quoted. 

When I left the meeting I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be the last time I might be in a similar situation.  A friend asked if I was running for City Council.  No current plans, but she did give me her vote!  Steering committee for the lazy river?  Most likely.

You never know when taking a risk, stretching yourself to do something unexpected, unplanned, will lead you.  I learned that in part from our trips to Disney.  Some of our most magical experiences have come from saying “yes” to a new experience, not being afraid or hesitant.  Or getting over and past the knot in your stomach or lump in your throat to discover the thrill and exhilaration that comes from being free of fear.

The husband is very supportive of my endeavors. . . writing, planning, reviewing, adventuring. . . and we have made many of them family affairs.  And, just a note—the title for this post was supplied by the husband.  Well, him and Frank Capra.  

I’m certain there will be more to this story.  

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