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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Williams Family Blog Featured In Local Newspaper

The Williams Family Blog was featured in our local newspaper and on-line—click here to read the on-line article.

The story behind the story goes something like this. . . Last week our local newspaper published an op/ed piece about how our local water park/pool may need to tread (no pun intended) cautiously when considering adding a lazy river feature.  I had to respond; I was compelled to respond.

After submitting my response via an editorial, the editor phoned.  Standard procedure—must check authenticity of the writer, source, etc.  I had a great conversation and since my editorial contained information from other nearby swimming pools/water parks, I made reference to our blog as the pools and water parks had been reviewed.  The editor then wondered out loud why they hadn’t done a story about our blog.

Cut to yesterday.  A reporter from the local paper phones.  I recognize his voice right away as we have visited about other stories within our community.  And, he was the ONE person who phoned me to tell me some pertinent information regarding a near tragic experience I had at work a handful of years ago.  I am still grateful that he went out of his way to make that call when he didn’t have to.

I am happy to talk to him.  It was easy to tell that he had done his homework, as he often quoted pieces from the blog or shared parts of stories.  I felt honored.   

When our conversation ended, there was still some uncertainty about when the piece might be published, etc.  There was a second phone call from the reporter later in the evening to double check some facts.  I was surprised he was till working and wished him a good evening and good night.

This morning, after fetching the paper from the mailbox and unwrapping the plastic cover to protect it from the welcome and needed rain, I found the feature on the front page with the continuing story on page 7 along with a picture from the blog.  The reporter asked permission, of course, to use pictures from the blog.

And as the origin of the Williams Family Blog was shared in the article, the continuation of it seems a bit of a mystery to some.  To answer the questions and clarify my own thoughts, I am just as compelled to write or share something almost daily in the Williams Family Blog, as I was to write the editorial for the local paper.  The words form and compose in my head, almost percolate, before they find themselves on “paper.”  The goal stays the same which is to help others have a smoother, better, more successful or satisfying experience whether it is to Disney or to a local pool or water park by sharing information that I would want to know as a guest or visitor.  Continually answering the question, “What would I want to know?”

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  1. Hello! It's been a long time since I've seen you Jody and then I came across this article in the Courier! What a wonderful blog and perfect timing- my family is anxious for our 1st Disney vacation and you are so organized that you can be sure we will be referring to your blog for all of your helpful tips! Thank you so much in advance! Jessica Menster and family

  2. Jessica,
    Good to hear from you and thank you for reading the Williams Family Blog. Congratulations on your upcoming Disney vacation. Please let us know how we can help!