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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, August 13, 2012

Is Trip Number 11 On The Radar?

Is trip number 11 to the most magical place on earth in the works?  Yes, it is.  I was happily clicking away on the computer yesterday and thought I would do a price check for a Walt Disney World stay for next summer and was pleasantly surprised, even before any possible discounts.

Yes, it is now more expensive for the boy’s ticket and dining plan, as he will be 10 and no longer eligible for child prices.  But it is offset by the new pricing structure that discounts the Water Parks and More option after you add Park Hopper to your base tickets of vice versa.  That is a good deal.

Also, traveling during the summer gives us more flexibility and we can get in a longer stay, making our park ticket prices less per day.  The travel dates flexibility also allows us to fly during the week-days, which typically means lower fares.  Since week-end nights cost the most at Walt Disney World, we can stay almost two weeks, but only have one week-end in the schedule.

I know, I know, we had previously talked about a visit to Disneyland.  And, that, too, is still a possibility.  There are just some things holding me back. . .

There are only 3 on-property resorts at Disneyland and they are expensive, compared to 22 at Walt Disney World with various price points.  Yes, there are “good neighbor” hotels that offer some of the same Disney amenities and we are checking into those.

We would need less time to explore the parks.  I know, this sounds like a good thing, but is it really?  To get the most out of the cost for our flights, it would make sense to stay longer, do other things, which means car rental and driving.  Two things neither adult in our household wants to do.

Dining plan.  I wanted to say “no dining plan” but in talking with our travel agent, I learned there is one, sort of.  I don’t have all of the details yet, but I was glad to hear it was a possibility.

Either way we decide there will be more Disney dreaming—which is a good thing.  And, more family memories, another good thing.  I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Just found your blog today as I was searching for an answer for a client. I am also an AAA Travel Agent and recently participated in Disneyland's Agent Education Program and would be happy to answer any questions. Bottom Line is GO! Go to Disneyland and see it for yourself... yes staying on Property is more expensive but has it's definite perks. The Dining plan is available but not as easy to get used to as the one available at "The World" Remember some of these big diferences... in Orlando Disney, Universal, and Sea World are NOT the best of friends. However They are all great Pals in California. So if you are flying all the way to California Take the time to "do it all". Plan on spending a day at Santa Monica Pier, check out Hollywood, see a movie at the El Capitan Theater (where Disney screens all their movies)You can even talk to your Travel Agent about an Adventures by Disney add on of Backstage Magic a very popular tour of the Disney Studios in California. The Disney Magic you love will follow you to California.

    1. Pam,
      Thank you for your advice! Yes, we will get to Disneyland one day and good to know Universal, SeaWorld, and Disney are good pals in the west.

      Curious, did you you find the answer you were searching for for your client?

      Thank you for discovering The Williams Family Blog!