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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 7, 2012

Packing A Bag For Park Touring

Packing a bag for park touring at Walt Disney World takes a bit of planning, just like the rest of the trip.  What we’ve carried with us to the parks in bags and how we have carried our items has changed over the years.  We’ve done fanny packs, when we were taking a stroller that could hold everything else.  Our last few trips, it has been a backpack for the husband and a cross body purse for me.

The husband wanted a clear backpack for our trip in March.  His thinking was it would breeze through security—it did—easy to find things—right again—and he wasn’t carrying anything “of value” that would be a target for thieves.  Here’s what was in his bag:

The clear backpack did not return home with us, as the straps lasted until our last day of touring and it went into the trash.  It’s not the first bag that we have “killed” during a trip and it most likely won’t be the last.

My cross body purse has made it through LOTS of trips.  I like that the black nylon fabric is durable and easy to clean.  And, I like that the cross body style keeps my hands free.  The bag has a big compartment with a small zipper compartment on the outside with slots for ID, etc., and a pocket on the backside.  There’s also a cell phone pocket on the side of the bag. Here’s what was in my bag:
  • Wallet
  • Cameras (both still shot and video camera)  The Flip stores well in a recycled Crystal Light container.  If you use the “tall” one there is room for extra batteries.
  • Needed items for autographs.  Whatever we are having signed—this time it was a pillowcase—I keep in a gallon size plastic bag along with a variety of markers.  This fits well in the back pocket of my bag.
  • The boy’s DS in its case.
  • A 35mm plastic film canister with quarters/penny pairings for pressed penny machines.
  • Cell phone
  • Business Cards—Click here to read more about the business cards we had made for trips.
  • Personal needs items

See, it holds a lot!  Another thing I like about the bag is that I can put it in a larger over the shoulder tote that I use as a personal item when flying.  Then, I take out the cross body bag and am ready for park touring.

We also pack the backpack—ready with needed items—in the carry-on bag (except for the sunscreen that would go in our checked luggage due to TSA regulations—but we do have a sunscreen stick that goes in my “quart size bag”) so we can open the bag, throw on the backpack, and head to the parks.  No wasted time trying to repack or find needed items.  Click here to read more about what I pack in my "Quart Size Bag."

Even the boy got into the act this trip with his own backpack.  (I had packed an extra backpack just in case.)

Every family determines what items they might need during the course of a park touring day.  Some take a change of clothes for little ones—we used to do that.  Others bring food.  Some folks opt to rent lockers at the front of the parks to store their gear.  We have yet to do this, as the thought of making the extra steps to the front of the park to get any needed items doesn’t entice me.  Some guests travel without a bag using pockets, jackets with pockets, or vests with pockets for needed items.  I have yet to figure out how to travel that lightly!

No matter what you are taking to the parks (safe items only) know that you are not alone.  And, remember that all bags go through a security check point and are searched prior to park entry.  

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