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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Limits Placed on Purchasing Duffy Items

Duffy the Disney Bear joined us state side in 2010 with some skepticism of his popularity.  Well, it’s 2012, and as of today, guests purchasing Duffy merchandise at Walt Disney World and Downtown Disney locations will be limited to 5 of the same item.  Limits have already been in place at Tokyo Disney of 3 of the same item. 

For us, the limits on shopping for Duffy items won’t be a concern.  We just haven’t caught the Duffy craze.  Yes, we know Duffy is Mickey’s bear and the rest of the story.  And, yes, we enjoy meeting Duffy and getting his autograph--click here to read more about meeting Duffy.  I also like catching a glimpse of the hidden Mickey on his bum.

We have yet to purchase any Duffy items.  I have checked out the Duffy bears when they have been on sale at the on-line Disney Store.  There are various sizes and some of them are specific to a year.  

We’ve seen other guests, especially children, carrying Duffy—we saw this on the Disney Dream last July.  Typically, children aren’t carrying stuffed toys while park touring.  I’m sure the plethora of outfits that are available to purchase for Duffy to wear make great souvenirs.  We’ve even toured the Duffy shop at the entrance to World Showcase at EPCOT.

With the new limits for Duffy merchandise purchasing, we are obviously in the minority.

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