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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Disney Framed Art Arrived!

We are not big souvenir people, when it comes to trips to Walt Disney World.  And, if we do purchase souvenirs, it is most likely things we can use in our everyday lives to help keep the Disney magic alive.  Yet, one thing we collect—click here to read more about what we collect—is a piece of Disney art from every trip.  For our most recent trip, I didn’t have to buy one.  We got a framed Disney film cell of the Lion King as part of our AAA Member benefit for booking our trip!

A coupon to order the framed cell on-line was included in the booklet that comes with our trip paperwork.  I was able to order the framed art work before our trip.  It arrived about a week and half after we got home. 

The framed art work has two pieces of original film from the production and now hangs on the wall with the rest of our Disney art.  

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