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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Disney Photopass Location at Downtown Disney

It is great when you can combine a trip to Walt Disney World with a professional photo shoot for your family.  I’m not talking about the expensive shoots that can be arranged at various resorts that cost a lot extra, I’m talking about a few minutes with a Disney Photopass photographer. . . at Downtown Disney.

The Photopass location at Downtown Disney is near Guest Services in the Marketplace.  If you find yourself at World of Disney, you’ve gone too far.  We made a point to make it to this Photopass location to get some family photos taken and add them to our Photopass account.

The last time we had this done was two years ago and they turned out great.  I would say, we were fortunate once again.

This Photopass location is typically not busy, unless recent visitors to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique are getting photographed.  We walked right up and were photographed within minutes.  We asked for specific combinations. . . all of us together, the husband and me, the boy and the husband, the boy and me, the boy by himself.   The Photopass photographer was happy to oblige. 

What was even more interesting is what happened when we were finished.  The husband and the boy headed off to the Lego store and I hung back to have our Photopass card scanned to find out how many photos were on the account.  (Sometimes I have a little contest with myself to see if we will end up with more photos than last time.)

Anyway, while one Cast Member was helping me, another was helping another family—mom, dad, and two girls who had just finished with their Disney princess make-over at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at nearby World of Disney.  The mom wanted to see the photos taken by a Photopass photographer during the make-over on the digital screen.  She said it was their first day at Disney and the girls were going to make it “hard for her to choose” which photos to buy as they were all great.  The Cast Member then asked if she wanted the girls photographed right then, in the studio.  The mom said, “No.”  I almost cried.  The Photopass Cast Member explained that the photos would go on their Photopass account, as they already had a card.  Nope.  Oh, my!  What a missed opportunity.  And, I know what the mom was thinking.  Something like. . . the photos already on here are so good it is going to be hard to pick which ones to buy and if they add more it will be even more expensive. . . (I wish I had a screeching stop sound to insert, so just imagine the sound.)  NO!  If that mom had decided to purchase the Photopass CD, there would be no worrying about the additional cost of photos.  She would have them all.  Now, I would also say, that the Photopass Cast Member missed a sales opportunity and I could have jumped in, but didn’t.  Sigh.

The lesson:  Do some homework before your trip and make some decisions.  The mom had obviously done enough homework that both girls got a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment on their arrival day.  It’s just too bad she didn’t know more about Disney’s Photopass service.  I’m hopeful that she gave it more thought during the rest of her trip and purchased when she arrived home from her wonderful Disney vacation!


  1. Is there an extra charge for the studio pics if you have a photo pass location

    1. Ingrid,
      There is no extra charge to have the photos taken. The only cost is either with the purchase of Memory Maker--which allows you access to all photos you have taken during your Walt Disney World vacation or individual photo downloads.