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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Magic at the Magic Kingdom

I had someone approach me the other day about planning something special, something magical, for a family traveling to the Magic Kingdom.  This person described it as “Auntie Magic” as she will be traveling with a family that does not plan.

The suggestion that came first to mind would be to arrange for a fireworks photo.  This is something we have done for the last handful of trips.  We know that 20-25 minutes into Dream Along With Mickey, the show on the castle stage, fireworks will be shot off as part of the show.  We check the Times Guide for times and consider when we might be near the hub when the show is going.  Then, we find a Photopass photographer and ask them if they can do a fireworks photo.  We have yet to be turned down!  Hint:  You’ll want a photographer with a handheld camera.  If the camera is on a tripod, walk down the street until you find a Photopass photographer holding their camera.

Another idea I had was an Advanced Dining Reservation for Crystal Palace.  Since the family is traveling in June, it would be best to make the reservation now, if reservations are still available.

Next, I would recommend knowing which characters can be found at the Magic Kingdom and approximately when.  Steve Soares web-site can be very helpful

While it really isn’t Auntie Magic, knowing how to use the Fastpass system would be beneficial.  All ticket media can be used to obtain Fastpasses and they are free. 

If the family would be staying at the park all day, then staking out a spot for the evening parade and Wishes might be a good idea.  This would require possibly splitting up the family and returning to the spot and the holder of the spot later.

I’ll keep thinking and reader suggestions are appreciated!

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