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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Williams Family Top 10 For Upcoming Trip--Part 3

This is the third post in a 3 part series about Top 10 things our family is looking forward to on our next Disney vacation.  Click here to read Part 1—the boy’s Top 10.  Click here to read Part 2—the husband’s top 10.

Now that you have read the other family members Top 10 lists, it is time for mine:

  1. Immersion in Disney Magic and Service        We have traveled with Disney and without Disney and by far, traveling with Disney provides service above none other and a distinct attention to detail that both novice and seasoned traveler can discern.  I know that when I am traveling with Disney, whether by land or by sea, my family is going to be well taken care of.  As the planner and organizer in our family, that knowledge gives me great comfort and I get to enjoy my vacation rather than worry about the details!
  2. Not having to drag luggage around    I know, this didn’t make the husband’s top 10 list, but it did make mine hmmm. . . .   By using Disney transfers and Magical Express, we have little to no worry about our luggage.  I like that very much!
  3. Castaway Cay—TWICE!       Our 5 night cruise on the Disney Dream is a double dip itinerary, which means the ship will stop at Castaway Cay twice.  Only on one of our Disney Cruises did we not make it to Castaway Cay and that was because we were sailing the Mexican Riviera.  Call me an idealist, but there something missing from a Disney Cruise without a stop at Castaway Cay.  My own little slice of paradise.  Did I tell you that I get to go there twice?
  4. Photos             Photos to me equal memories.  Yes, we have many memories of events without photos, but having photos helps us remember even more.  I am already planning on pre-purchasing the Photopass CD, the photo CD on the ship, and upgrading my camera’s SD card to be able to take more pictures.  I also have 3 one-time use waterproof cameras already packed.  I can’t wait to use one while parasailing!
  5. Trying Port Orleans French Quarter for the first time            While we have been to Port Orleans French Quarter numerous times to swim in the pool, this will be the first trip when we have stayed there.  It was the refurbishment and installation of queen size beds that drew us to try the resort.  Our count will be 2 stays at Caribbean Beach + 5 stays at Port Orleans Riverside + 1 stay at Port Orleans French Quarter = 8 Walt Disney World stays.
  6. The New Ship and Our Stateroom     The ship made the husband’s list, too.  As we have already sailed on the Wonder and the Magic, this will be our first time sailing on the Dream.  Did I tell you I am upgrading my camera’s SD card to be able to take more photos?
  7. Bringing home Disney toiletries         This one is a bit odd, but as soon as I told the husband he nodded in approval.  We, okay, me with the help of the husband, are stashers of Disney toiletries—shampoo, lotion, soaps, etc.  On the ship, we hoard the shampoo, conditioner, and body cream storing the supply as soon as our stateroom host/hostess has replenished.  Knowing that the stateroom host/hostess comes twice a day to our stateroom, we get restocked twice daily.  The husband has even been known to ask the host/hostess for more or extra products!  There is nothing like using those products when we get home to make us feel like we are back on the ship again.  (We do use the products while we are on-board, too!)  At the resort, we stash the shampoo/conditioner in its cute Mickey bottle and the soaps with the cute Mickey face.  All of those come home with us in our checked baggage and we get a daily dose of being back at Disney.
  8. Booking another Disney Cruise at a discounted rate             This speaks to both the planner and bargain hunter in me.  We plan to book another Disney Cruise while on board offering us both a discounted rate as well as an on-board credit for our next cruise.  So, I have saved money AND have an easier time coming home from this vacation knowing that I have another Disney vacation in my future.  I am much happier when I have a Disney vacation to look forward to.
  9. Disney Transportation             Disney transportation is as controversial as whether to stay on property or off when traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort.  For us, Disney Transportation is a part of the experience when traveling to Walt Disney World.  Waiting for a bus is part of the fun.  It also helps us stay immersed in the Disney experience—see #1.  While some people feel more control when driving their own or a rental car, I feel pampered when someone else does the driving.  And, I know that I am going to be picked up and dropped off closer to the entrance of any theme park using Disney transportation than if I drove a car.  Disney Transportation works for us!
  10. Making it all happen               Yep, I’m the planner, organizer, packer, doer, and yet I savor those magical moments that my family experiences together.  Knowing that meeting Phineas and Ferb are tops on both the boy and the husband’s lists, means I am going to do my darndest to make that happen.  And, while it may take some researching or forgoing something else, it will be worth it when it happens.  This is not a one sided endeavor, believe me.  The husband knows that I will want a fireworks photo at the Magic Kingdom and he won’t complain when I check the Times Guide for show times for Dream Along With Mickey and make our way back to the hub just in time to get the photo.  The husband knows that I want the ship’s photographers to take lots of photos and he will oblige without complaint.  I know he will want to sit in a lounge chair on deck 4 and read a book and I will make sure he gets a chance to do just that.  But since traveling with Disney both by land and sea is like coming home for us, we know many things that will happen yet are magically surprised by those unexpected moments.  That’s what keeps us coming back!

My goal after our incredible Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World Summer 2011 Vacation is to capture the family’s Top 10 memorable moments.  Let’s see how those compare with the Top 10 things that our family is most looking forward to.  I have a feeling that many will be the same, but who knows?

In the meantime, create your own list of Disney favs!

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