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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Goofy!

(Note:  In honor of Goofy's Birthday, the husband is a guest contributor for this post.  Enjoy!)

May 25 is Goofy’s Birthday and the clumsy clod will be 79 years old!  Now I can write about the history of this beloved cartoon character, but the folks at Wikipedia have done a standout job doing just that.  If you want to know Goofy’s accomplishments, different names, animated mishaps, and his unique holler Wikipedia can give you clear detailed answers.

I would like to share my own Goofy experiences to honor him on his birthday.  During our first Disney Cruise, the family and I were having a great time at Castaway Cay.  The boy and I were walking around taking in the sights when we saw a Goofy in a swimming suit holding a surf board.  Guests were getting pictures taken with him.  There was a ship’s photographer there.  My son posed with Goofy by himself and so did I. 

My picture with Goofy was outstanding.  I was wearing my Mr. Incredible t-shirt and my sunglasses.  Goofy and I looked like lifelong friends.  The problem was I didn’t have our camera.  The ship’s picture ended up in the photo room on the ship.  I never bought the picture.  I regret that decision to this day.  Well, I can’t share that picture of Goofy with anybody, but it will always be etched in my memory.

Another great Goofy moment was when the family and I were eating at Chef Mickey’s.  Goofy came around and chummed with the boy.  We told Goofy how much we enjoyed his ride, the Barnstormer at the Magic Kingdom and that in fact we were headed back to the Magic Kingdom to ride the Barnstormer.  Goofy took a page from our autograph book and our pen and made his own Fastpass to give to the boy.  We didn’t use the impromptu Fastpass, as there was no one to give it to, the wait for the ride was short, and it makes for a great Disney keepsake.

Goofy is always good for a laugh and a loyal friend who makes the Disney experience a little more fun!

To read more about meeting Goofy click here.

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