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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Williams Family Top 10 For Upcoming Trip--Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series of Top 10’s for our upcoming Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World summer vacation.  To read Part 1 with the boy’s Top 10 click here.

As I was saying, our conversation at breakfast the other day ended up being about what our family members were most looking forward for our next Disney vacation.

Here is the husband’s Top 10 list of what he is looking forward to:

  1. Star Tours        Especially now that it is re-open after refurbishment that now includes a randomization of the story and 3D effect.
  2. Parasailing at Castaway Cay   Also on the boy’s list!  We have reserved this excursion on our first day at Castaway Cay, as our cruise is a double dip!
  3. Sea Lions at Blue Lagoon       Another excursion that we have reserved.  This one is when we are in Nassau.
  4. The New Ship             While we have been on the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, this will be our first time on the Disney Dream.  We get to sail during the Inaugural Year!
  5. Food on the Ship        We have the site with the menus for the restaurants on the ship bookmarked, so that he can go through them and salivate before he actually gets to order his meals and give them a try.  Click here for the web-site for the menus.
  6. Meeting Phineas and Ferb      Also on the boy’s list!  Hopefully, Phineas and Ferb will be available to meet guests in July.
  7. Pomegranate Lemonade         This one sounds a bit obscure, but if you have tried the pomegranate lemonade served at Chef Mickey’s and ‘Ohana’s, then you already know how delicious and refreshing it is!
  8. Pin Trading     Yep, I’m not surprised that this is on his list.  Click here to read how the husband got started with pin trading.
  9. People we will meet                The husband, is by nature, more of an introvert, but when we are Disney or sailing with Disney, he enjoys visiting with different people.  He looks forward to meeting new tablemates and discussing touring plans while waiting in queues.
  10. Using On-Board Credits         We are fortunate enough to be walking on board our next Disney Cruise with $245 on-board credit to use for excursions, photos, drinks, spa treatments, on-board shopping, etc.  Part of the on-board credit comes from booking this cruise on-board our last cruise and another part comes from giving our travel agent (AAA) the credit for the booking and therefore we get the AAA on-board credit, too. The husband obviously likes the idea of spending money that was given to us.

We are very much looking forward to our next Disney adventure!  Look for Part 3 with my Top 10 list coming soon!

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