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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 17, 2011

OCCP Did It Again With The Secret Garden!

 Our local children's theater group produced another fantastic performance with the classic story of The Secret Garden.
 The Secret Garden was the first show of a 3 show season for 2011.  Annie and God Rest Ye Gerry Mentlemen are being readied for the stage yet this year.

 The Secret Garden had an all children cast with 40 plus youngsters from our community portraying various roles.  Many of them used a British accent to add authenticity to the performance.

 Here's Mary, Master Collin, and the Nurse.  In addition to acting challenges, finding authentic props, such as the wheelchair shown above, prove to be quite a challenge in producing a period piece.

Here's the boy in make-up, getting ready for his performance.  He portrayed one of the Sowerby children as well as a Fairgoer in the production.

 Ready for the stage at Bridge View Center!  As you can see, Bridge View Center is a great facility for theater productions.
 In addition to the Cast, a show requires a Crew.  Parents, former OCCP actors, and volunteers man behind the scenes.

 Here's the husband ready to pull various curtains and move props on and off stage.

 That's Jennifer, who heads the crew backstage.  Armed with a script and a headset, she is "in charge" of the show backstage from beginning to end.  The headset allows her to communicate with the other side of the stage, the person on lights, and me, on sound.

 While I didn't take the picture of the husband, as seen above, I'm thinking there is a bit of acting going on in this particular shot.  I know pulling the ropes is hard work, but. . .

 Here's the prop cabinet, complete with lock and low level  lighting that allows for secure storage as well as being able to see the props in a dark backstage area.

 This is Bridge View Center's theater from another point of view.  The theater can seat around 700 people, but can squeeze in 900 with additional seats if needed.

 So, while the show is in motion, the children not on stage are busy backstage waiting for their cues.  This is referred to as the green room.  Kids bring toys and activities and there are typically snacks available.  It is a chance to meet new friends, as the picture above demonstrates. 

After the show, the cast head to the lobby to wait for their adoring fans.  The boy is ready to greet them!

Ah, flowers for the actor!  Those flowers came from Ann and Kathy who came to the show and brought Grandma along.

And, the show couldn't go on without the dedicated directors, Becky and Marc.  OCCP is a labor of love for them and they work well together.  Thanks to both of you for all you do!

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  1. Awesome "synopsis" of our production! Well done Williams family!!