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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, December 5, 2010

OCCP's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

 OCCP's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is the last show of the season and was performed this past week-end at Bridge View Center.  So as not to conflict with a school district music performance on Sunday, the show was scheduled for Friday, and two performances on Saturday.  All performances were well attended.

 It takes a village. . . well, it takes a huge group to put on an OCCP performance.  The names on the left were on-stage and the names on the right were backstage, plus many more parents that couldn't even be listed.  It is a group effort and all who pitch in are greatly appreciated.

After dress rehearsal Thursday night, it was time for photos.  The Baby Angels are pictured above.

 Here is the Angel Choir.

 The shepherds are above.  The boy was cast as a shepherd.  Only costume required--bathrobe!

 And, the gossiping ladies.  The wheelchair is a prop.  The character had broken her leg and was in traction--all part of the story.

 Here are the infamous Herdman's in their costumes for the pageant.

 Since OCCP is children's theater, many of the "older" children portray adults on stage.  Pictured above are Mom, Father, Charlie, Alice, Beth, and Maxine--all central characters to the story.

 A little fun on stage while the photos are taken!

And, here is the entire lot, including the directors.  Amazing!  Each time a show begins, there is a feeling of uncertainty about whether it will come together as a quality performance for an audience.  With hard work, perseverance, and a little prayer, it happens--every time!

 Of course, there is lots of activity back stage.  Here's the boy getting make-up applied for the show.  Parent volunteers apply the make-up.

 Here's a bit of action from the "Green Room" where the actors wait until it is time to go on stage.  The husband has lots of experience supervising the "Green Room."  Parent volunteers take turns supervising.

 Here's the boy, ready for the stage!

 The shepherds came in from stage left for one portion of the show.  The shepherds are pictured above waiting for their cue.

 Adoring fans greet the boy after the performance.  Ann, Kathy, and Grandma Carol are pictured above.

 The Cast Party was between the performances on Saturday.  Cake and lots of food were provided.  Parents signed up to bring various items, while meat and drinks were provided.

 The husband has never met a buffet he didn't like and here he is waiting. . . patiently?. . . for his turn.

 Yummy!  Dig in!

Dancing and frivolity are essential at any OCCP Cast Party.  The cast and crew boogied into the afternoon.  Just in time for their next performance.

 That's me, manning the sound board.

No show would ever make it to the stage without directors.  Marc and Becky are pictured above with the boy.  With each show, they demonstrate patience, creativity, leadership, vision, and perseverance to allow the show to go on.  It wouldn't happen without them and others who are willing to take on such responsibility.  For them, it is a labor of love!  Thank you!

Get set for the 2011 OCCP Season featuring "The Secret Garden," "Annie," and "God Rest Ye, Gerry Mentleman."

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