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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrating My Birthday

Yesterday was my 45th birthday. And, while we didn’t celebrate by attending a Disney Park, there were some Disney surprises sprinkled throughout my day.

The husband made Mickey waffles for breakfast. Nothing like saying good morning to and with the mouse and they tasted delicious. Of course, they were eaten with Mickey silverware!

The boy decided to give me a special gift. Inside the gift bag were a stuffed Mickey Mouse and Pluto. They were from his collection, but he was insistent that I keep them. We compromised on sharing them. He just knew I would love them. He has no idea how special it was that he was willing to give me something of his for my gift.

A special surprise arrived for me at my work, through an internal mail system. Inside the envelope was a box with a small note that read: “Smile. Disney Dreaming.” Inside the box was a pair of Mickey Mouse stud earrings. You know the ones with the three crystal circles that form the silhouette of Mickey Mouse. Wow, was I surprised. And, there was no indication of who sent them. What a wonderful mystery surprise just for me.

July 14, 2014 Note:  The secret of the earrings was revealed Saturday evening!  A friend and colleague confessed to sending the special earrings!  I replied with a happy hug!  

What was even more surprising was the husband’s reaction when I brought them home. He was a bit miffed by the mystery. I had no idea that he would react that way, but isn’t it sweet that he could be potentially jealous after all these years? When he realized that the mystery wasn’t bothering me, he was fine. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of the surprise.

We also added a new piece of furniture to our living room as a birthday gift. A chair that had outlived its usefulness went to the curb and a new leather rocker recliner is now in its place.

My day ended with the treat of a banana dream pie made especially for me by the husband. That and many birthday wishes from family and friends. It was a great day!

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