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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 2011 PassPorter's Walt Disney World

It takes many tools to plan a great Walt Disney World vacation. One of my favorite and most useful tools, is PassPorter’s Walt Disney World book. PassPorter is more than a guide, it is also a planning tool, organizer, journal, and potential keepsake. And, I’ve got the 2011 edition in my hands!

I received a phone call from my local bookseller on Friday informing me that my PassPorter had arrived. I picked it up before they closed! In addition to being able to purchase PassPorter from any seller of books, you can also purchase it on-line, directly from the PassPorter store at http://www.passporter.com/.

Table of Contents

I have several editions of PassPorter, dating back to the 2006 edition. I also have several editions of the PassPorter’s Guide for the Disney Cruise Line, and am awaiting the new edition due out sometime in April. We travel with our newest edition of PassPorter, as there is useful information included that can be helpful on your trip, and for the Walt Disney World edition, all of your travel information can be included in the back. . . but more about that in a moment.

Some of the features I like about PassPorter is the depth of information that is included. I have never seen a guide book provide as much information, if not more, about the resorts—rather than just the theme parks. Here are some pages about our favorite resort—Port Orleans:

Click on Photo to Enlarge

As a reader, you get a sense of the layout of the resort, the layout of your room, and the amenities provided at the resort. I also love the other guest ratings and the transportation information—how long it typically takes to get from Port Orleans to the theme parks.

Fold Out Map

I also enjoy the fold out maps for each of the theme parks. These can be very helpful as a guest can get the lay of the land before landing in a theme park. Typically, guests receive park maps as they enter the park. This way, you can have the map of the park prior. If you look closely at the map, you can see the dotted lines with numbers like (2:30), which is the estimated time, in this example 2 ½ minutes, to walk from one spot to another on the map. Love It!

There is a section dedicated to each theme park with descriptions and ratings for each attraction. The Kid Tips and Tween Ratings can be helpful in deciding the appropriateness of various attractions when traveling with children. Height restrictions, if applicable, are included with the descriptions of each attraction. Touring plans for families and adults are included for each park.

Guests planning a Disney vacation can sometimes struggle with the “where do we eat?” question. Enter PassPorter, with its comprehensive coverage of restaurants both in and out of the theme parks. Here’s a sample page from the EPCOT Eateries:

Click to Enlarge
PassPorter has helped me to easily decide and answer the question of “where do we eat and when?” 180 days prior to our trip—which is when we make our Advance Dining Reservations or ADR’s.

Journal/Keepsake Pocket Pages
We have covered the parks, the resorts, the restaurants, so now for the back portion of the book mentioned earlier. Located in the back of the book are several “pocket pages” where travelers can record their travel information and keep a journal of their trip. The pockets allow you stash receipts, ticket stubs, unused Fastpasses, photos, napkins, etc. This is where your PassPorter can turn into a keepsake. Some have reported getting out last years PassPorter with all the info inside to help plan for and budget for their upcoming vacation. The pockets can be a scrapbookers delight, with a place to stash the little items that may find their way into a scrapbook.

For me, I use PassPorter to record all of our traveling information—confirmation numbers for flights, tours, and dining. It helps me keep track of when we will be in each park and helps us plan each day of our vacation. I also use my PassPorter as a reference; a go to when I have a Disney question or potential dilemma. I also enjoy reading the little hints and tips for putting even more magic into our Magical Vacation sprinkled throughout the book.

The other thing I like about PassPorter, is that it is written by a family. . . with kids, so they know their stuff when it comes to family travel.  The tone or voice of the book is just that too, like a friendly neighbor giving you advice about traveling to the most magical place on earth, which is much better than corporate drone that you might find in other guide books.  They also have a team of reviewers, who are also seasoned Walt Disney World travelers, who review the information before it is published.  (OK, I must admit that I would really like to work with them. . . a dream job!) 

So, now that I have my 2011 PassPorter’s Walt Disney World book in my hands, I’m simply having a wonderful planning time!


  1. Help Disney experts! My good friends are leaving in 13 days for the world with four mousekateers in tow! I promised them that there were two links that might prove to be useful...the grocery store you can order from and have delivered at the resort...and the baby gear/supply place. Can you help me help them??

  2. RichFamily,
    Here is the information you asked for. . .
    Garden Grocer.com is the grocery store that will deliver: http://www.gardengrocer.com/

    Babies Travel Lite is the other web-site: http://www.babiestravellite.com/

    I think you can also order baby items on the Garden Grocer site.

    I hope they have a great vacation!