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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ordered New Matching Shirts for Our Next Trip!

Zazzle.com was offering a pretty good Presidents’ Day week-end sale on custom t-shirts this week-end. While I missed the deadline for 50% off our order, I did get 20% off and had a $10 off coupon code for even more savings.

It has become tradition for us to wear matching shirts while traveling to Disney—click here to read more. We have upgraded to wearing them on our flights to and from as well.

What’s neat about Zazzle is that you can design your shirts and save them to your account on their site. So, the shirt that we purchased, I had actually begun to design some time ago. Finishing the design and ordering went very fast, which is a good thing if you are trying to take advantage of a sale.

As you can tell from the photos, I customized both the front and back of the shirts. You can even upload your own images if you want. We have found that Zazzle offers plenty of designs to choose from.

Another neat thing about Zazzle, is that you can still get access to your design, even after you ordered. I told the husband that I had ordered shirts and he wanted to see them. Voila! Just logged into Zazzle and there they were. Not very many web-sites offer that feature.

You can also e-mail your design to friends and family along with a discount code from Zazzle. If you do this, Zazzle sends you a discount code to your e-mail. Yeah!

My only regret from the purchase yesterday was not checking ebates.com to see if Zazzle was one of their stores. It was! I checked too late. Had I logged into our ebates.com account and then clicked on Zazzle, I would have received 10% back from ebates AND had access to a free shipping coupon code. The husband said, “Next time.”

We are getting even more excited about our vacation. I called Disney yesterday to check on tour availability for July—planning something special! The dates aren’t out for July yet. A very nice lady told me to check back in March and then thanked me for calling Walt Disney World. Ah, just knowing that I was talking to someone who had her feet closer to the mouse than I did made me feel better! Our trip will be here in no time!

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