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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, February 21, 2011

I got my hands on a D23 Membership Magazine this week-end. Thanks, Liz!

I was impressed by the magazine. . . it’s cover, the photos, the size, and the stories.

Let’s start with the size. The scanned photo above represents about 60% of the actual front cover. We’re talking 11 X 14, if not larger. The magazine, while not incredibly thick, is large and requires both hands, or laying it flat on a surface, to read it. It’s a “coffee table” magazine, not one you would throw in a bag to take to the beach or pool to read.

The photos were incredible and enhanced the stories. I got to read about the people behind the voices of the Fab 5. The people are celebrities in their own right and have been crowned Disney Legends, as has Sir Elton Hercules John, who has a long time musical association with Disney.

I loved the story about Walt and his family as travelers. Walt did love all forms of transportation. . . something our family can personally connect with.

Seeing images of the luggage tags and receipts for the Disney family cruises was incredible. Connecting his first cruise in 1935 to his last in 1966 made for an emotional response to the story. It is amazing that these artifacts are included in the Disney archives.

Let’s talk about the Disney artifacts for a moment and the fact that they actually exist is a tribute to the man and the company. Others who have been associated with companies other than Disney have often personally profited from artifacts. Let’s take Adam West for example. When he knew that the Batman show was being cancelled, he backed up a truck to the studio door and took as many artifacts as he could, while the others were infighting and their backs were turned. He has since parlayed those artifacts out in small, yet profitable doses.

The opposite happens to those involved with Disney. They want the artifacts to be a permanent part of the Disney archives. I think that speaks volumes about how the Disney Company treated others and the legacy of Walt himself.

And, while a significant collection of Disney artifacts exists, there are others who collect what may not be a part of the collection. There was an interesting article in the D23 magazine about a collector of Disney items, including an 800 pound spare Dumbo ride car hanging from his ceiling. For this man, there truly is an elephant in the living room.

While we haven’t succumbed to D23 membership, I enjoyed the magazine the membership provides. Thanks again, Liz!

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  1. I've been dying to see D23 :( I even went to the public library hoping they might have a copy, no luck, I was in the big city and saw one at a major book store and spied one, securely wrapped in plastic, I looked on eBay, wow out of my range, now I learn I can get a discount with my newly aquired Disney Visa, so tempting but so many other wants and needs on my list, as I keep telling the little one, "You got to keep your eye on the prize" meaning we can't have everything we want or we'll never aquire the big Dream