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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, October 30, 2010

OCCP's Halloween Dance

 OCCP hosted it annual Halloween Dance and Costume Contest at Bridge View Center Friday evening for children kindergarten through sixth grade.

The large event center room was filled with creative costumes and dancing kids. Parent chaperones lined the perimeter of the room, along with other parents in attendance the event.

 The entrance to the dance was decorated for the occasion with theater props from previous productions and dances.

Every 10-15 minutes the music would stop for door prize drawings. As children enter, a number is written on their hand. Throughout the night, numbers are drawn for prizes. If the number drawn matches your hand, you get a prize!

The costume contest came towards the end of the evening.  Three trophies were awarded for funniest costume, scariest costume, and best costume.  The boy in his “tick” costume took the prize for best costume!  The photo below also shows the funniest costume and scariest costume winners.

OCCP is a great organization doing many things for our community and children. The project on the front burner right now is the theater production of “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” to be performed at Bridge View Center the first week-end in December featuring about 50 children in various parts.

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