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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Williams Family Featured in Family Times Magazine

We were featured in the Family Times Magazine, again.  The first time was last spring, and the subject was Disney travel.  So, when a different reporter called to do another story on travel, specifically over the holidays, I informed them that we had been featured in the spring issue for a travel article as well.  Not that I didn’t want to be featured again, just that I didn’t want the reporter to go to all that work and then have the article scrapped because the same family had just been in the magazine.  The reporter checked, and it was okay for us to be in the magazine again.

The reporter came to our house one day in the late afternoon.  We had made arrangements for a specific time.  She asked us all questions about traveling during the holidays and took notes.  I think she had a picture already in mind, and we had the photo opportunity for her. . . the stack of suitcases.  So, that is the photo that was in the magazine.

Most of the article is accurate.  We have traveled to a variety of places during holidays.  And, travel can be busy and hectic and sometimes there is weather to content to.  We have spent unplanned overnights in cities due to delayed or cancelled flights.  We have flown to and landed in cities that were not on our itinerary.  We have experienced weather issues, plane issues, crew issues, and car issues when traveling.  A bit of all of the above is to be expected.  When you expect a bit of a delay or hassle, then it is a pleasant surprise when flights and itineraries go smoothly.
The one point I wanted the reporter to get and put in the article, isn’t there. That is the point that there are a whole bunch of people eating at restaurants on those holidays when people perceive that everyone is around a large table with their family in the dining room at a family home. That Normal Rockwell picture is hard to capture and our holiday travels tell us that you can get that same meal, and possible that same feeling, having your family gathered around a table at a restaurant. And, that you won’t be alone—there are many other families that do the same.

Thanks to our travel agent, Shauna, for referring us!

Click here to see the entire electronic edition of the Family Times Magazine.

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