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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Disney Trading Pins Arrived!

The pins arrived!  (To read the first part of this story click here.)  About 3 weeks ago, I ordered 50 Disney trading pins on e-bay for about $30.  This represents a significant savings, as buying pins in the park can run $7 -$15 per pin.  Pretty pricey!  And, the husband often buys them just to trade!  Sometimes he finds a “starter” trading set with 5 pins for $20-$25, which makes it a bit better, but we scored pins for under $1 each due to planning ahead.
 The notice was left in the mailbox on Thursday that a package was ready for us to pick up at our local post office. So, guess who was at the post office when it opened at 8:00 am on Friday. You guessed it, the husband. He called me at 8:03 am. It was the pins! Okay, but wait until I get home to open them. Ah, the pain and frustration that comes with delaying gratification. . . even if just for a few hours.

The box was somewhat smallish to be holding 50 pins, but when we opened and counted, there were 50. All with Mickey shaped backs and no duplicates.

The husband and boy sorted through the individually wrapped pins--ohhing and ahhing.  What was interesting was to hear the comments:  "I want to keep the Stitch one."  "Oh, I can add these to my all black and white collection."  "If any of these are worth a lot, I’m not trading them."  "Which ones do you want to keep, Schnooks?"  So much for TRADING pins!

Later, the husband looked up some of the individual pins on e-bay, just to check out the prices.  Yep, some of the same pins were going for $3-$15 each.  He decided against re-selling.  We got a great deal!

Here’s the final score: I did keep one pin—it’s a Santa Mickey swinging a silver bell. 50-1=49 The boy has 9 new pins on the corkboard in his room where his other pins are displayed. 49-9=40 The husband then added the 40 pins to his corkboard.  On Sunday he decided which pins were being packed for our upcoming trip.  5 pins stayed on the corkboard, "for later trading," he said.  40-5=35  Hmmm. . . Next time do I check out the lots of 100 pins on e-bay?

To read about trading pins—click here.

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