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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Williams Family Does The Highway In The Sky Dine Around

Two years ago, Highway in the Sky Dine Around debuted.  We were intrigued and had attempted to book this progressive dinner option ever since but the timing was off.  During March 2018, the event was available, so were we, and there was room in the budget.  We were all set!

Know that as of this post, the event is offered on select nights Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  The cost is $170 per person plus tax regardless of age.  If memory serves, there was an Annual Passholder discount.  Guests must be 21 to consume alcohol and the minimum age is 12. Note that Valet Parking at The Contemporary is included with the price of the event.  Just provide confirmation number at the security gate. Click here to be taken to the official Walt Disney World page to read more about Highway in the Sky Dine Around.

First stop was The Wave of American Flavors restaurant at The Contemporary Resort.  The Wave is located on the ground floor or first floor of The Contemporary.  We had finished a tour at the Magic Kingdom, so chose to walk.  Our time to check-in was shortly before 6:00 pm.  The times may vary depending on Magic Kingdom fireworks times. 

Upon check-in we were given special lanyards that indicated we were on the tour along with name tags.

Within a few minutes of checking in, we each received a drink--pictured above, along with a small cup of soup. We were greeted by The Wave's manager and chef and learned about a steak that they cook that can be cut with a fork.  We're testing that theory on our next trip! (The boy was offered a selection of beverages including soda.)

In our group of less than 40 guests, we made our way up the escalator and through the security check prior to the monorail.  Once all the guests were through security, the monorail stopped and we were allowed to bypass guests and load a car that was reserved just for us.  Note that this was the only time we had to go through monorail security.  The resort monorail stopped at the TTC, but our car doors did not open.  There were three Cast Members that went with us and stayed with us throughout the entire night.
Our next stop was the Polynesian Village Resort.  There was a group of tables ready for us just to the right of the entrance from the monorail.  Had we walked further, we would have entered Moana's store.
The tables had flower leis for the guests and we were treated to live music.  Most of the tables were standing tables, although there was one table with chairs. 
Maitais for the adults and the boy had a non alcoholic pina colada.    He didn't like it so got soda instead.  We got a refill on the maitai!

Appetizers were on the menu.  What I do remember is that the purple substance on the bottom on the right was a yam appetizer that was yummy! 

Since we were on a time schedule--fireworks were the finale--we were given a signal to indicate that we had 5 minutes before making our way to the monorail.  We passed security and made our way past the other guests to a car reserved just for us.  Other doors to the monorail did not open until we were secure and it was the same when we were dropped off. 
Citricos at the Grand Floridian was our next stop and it was time for the main course.  Citricos is located on the second floor of the Grand Floridian.  It is to the far left for anyone exiting the monorail.  We were seated with other guests and enjoyed the meal.

Adults could choose between a red wine and a white moscato.  I asked to taste both and decided that the moscato was the favorite.
When our main course was done, we left Citricos and headed downstairs to the Garden View Tea Room.

At the Garden View Tea Room, we were treated to champagne and an assortment of cheeses and other treats.

After the champagne course, we made our way back upstairs at the Grand Floridian.  We did have a few moments to enjoy the lobby and listen to the live band.  It was time for us to take the monorail again.  While the resort monorail stopped at the Magic Kingdom, we stayed on!
Our final stop was The Contemporary, specifically the fourth floor viewing deck.  There were chairs, a great view, and the monorail track just above us.
A variety of desserts were available as were dessert drinks including various coffers, Bailey's, etc.  Since it was a chillier night, blankets were available for us! 
We watched the Happily Ever After fireworks show from our warm, cozy, and uncrowded location!  Other guests, not on the tour with us, attempted to use the viewing area and were not allowed to join us.  
We all got special chocolates to take with us as we said good-by to our hosts.

For us to get back to our resort--Coronado Springs--we took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and then a bus back to our resort.  We could have walked to the Magic Kingdom, too. 

We all give this a two thumbs up.  We enjoyed the new foods and the new experience. This is something we would do again.

It is helpful to know that there is a dress code.  We were wearing collared shirts and the guys had on dress shorts while I was wearing capris.  We didn't feel under dressed although there were other guests in dresses and dress pants.

What I find humorous is that I had the idea for this adventure in 2011.  I had just read Mousejunkies.  The author had suggested turning a monorail car into a dining car and I took that idea and made it a progressive meal.  Click here if you want to read my idea.

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