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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, September 29, 2014

What's The Best Part of a Disney Cruise? The Ease!

What’s the best part of a Disney Cruise?  That seemingly simple, yet potentially overwhelming question is one we get asked many times.  Why is it so hard to answer?  Because while there are many specific things to point to—food, entertainment, service, ports, the real answer is more elusive as it is about a feeling.

From the moment you make your reservation for a Disney Cruise there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation.  Luxury and adventure wait you and your family.  And, while millions venture to Walt Disney World either to stay at the resorts or for a day trip to the parks, fewer walk onto Disney ships to have their family name announced followed by applause from the crew.

You can do as much advance planning as you like, but there are limits.  Prospective guests can check-in online and reserve port adventures, spa treatments, and special adult dining opportunities as well as gain access to paperwork.  Guests can even make sure the kiddos are registered for the kids club prior to boarding and select their dinner seating—main or second.  But, that’s where it stops.  Some, dare I say extreme planners, want to preplan their dining rotations, know which movies will be showing while on board, and preregister for onboard activities such as seminars or family activities.  But, that’s not going to happen.  Disney Cruise Line wants you to make some of those “what I am going to do today?” decisions when you get on board.  And as far as the dining rotation goes, guests will know the moment they receive their Key to the World card (if they understand the letters on the card) and not a moment before.  And, for guests not sure of the code on the card, the dining rotation is clearly printed on the dining room tickets guests will find in their stateroom.

We’ve heard cruising nay sayers that they are worried they would be bored on the ship.  After spending more than a month, collectively, on a Disney ships, I can say our family has never been bored.  Even on days when the ship is in port and there are fewer activities to select from, we have found plenty to do.  Of course, it isn’t the same adrenalin rush as Tower of Terror, but there are fewer lines, less crowd, and moderate temperatures.  And, there’s more to do than just lounging by a pool, but that is available if you want.  The daily Navigator that is delivered to staterooms each evening has the entire list of activities for the next day including character meet and greets.  We love reading and deciding our plan for the next day and we’ve been known to change our plans at the last minute.

Then there’s the whole idea of unpacking once and seeing all the ports of call on a ship’s itinerary.  One can see most of the world from a Disney ship.

Speaking of packing and unpacking, Disney Cruise Line even makes handling luggage a breeze with luggage tags that allow the luggage to be delivered right to your stateroom.  And, plenty of porters to make toting luggage to or from the port easier.

There’s the word I’ve been searching for. . . easier!  The best part of a Disney Cruise Line vacation is the ease.  For us, there is no easier vacation than a Disney Cruise Line vacation.  Planning and preparing are easy.  And, being on vacation is easy!  Our family can do things together or separately and we are just moments apart.  No busses to catch, schedules to keep track of, dining reservations to worry about—it is all easy.  I’m not saying that a Walt Disney World vacation can’t be magical, it definitely can.  But if you are looking for ease and magic, then Disney Cruise Line might be your ticket.  The only vacation that I can think of that is easier is an Adventures by Disney vacation.  And interestingly enough, when we adventured previously, every guest had already sailed with Disney Cruise Line.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so!  Make my next Disney Cruise 7 nights and easy!

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