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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Random Thoughts and Thoughtful Questions!

Today’s post is dedicated to random thoughts and thoughtful questions!

Our Disney fan status is evident.  From the watch on my wrist to the lunchboxes both the husband and I take to work to the magnets and window decals on our vehicles it is easy for friends, colleagues, and even strangers to become aware of the Williams Family’s passion for all things Disney.  And, that means we/I get asked lots of questions.  Here are a few from just this week. . .

“How long did you have to wait to meet them?” pointing to the photo of us with Anna and Elsa.  My reply—less than three minutes.  The conversation goes on about how they had heard that the wait times to meet Anna and Elsa were very long.  Well, yes, they were, but now the Magic Kingdom has instituted a return time pass along with Fastpass+ reservations to meet the newest Disney royalty, so wait times are minimized.  But, when the return time passes and Fastpass +’s are all gone for the day, guests are out of luck.  Back to the question though, the photo being inquired about was actually taken on the Disney Fantasy and for that, we had a special ticket with a specific time.  Again, less than 3 minutes of a wait.

“When is your next vacation?”  Bite, twist, and scrunch the lips while painfully responding that I’m not sure.  The answer is more complicated.  I am sure of our next Disney cruise—December 2015 which is closer than you would think.  What I am not so sure about is whether we can swing a trip next summer.  And, if we can, Disneyland will be the plan.  My need for some Disney anticipation is clinging to our cruise plans.  When I consider no firm dates or plans for anything else, I get a bit sad.  Even last night I was searching airfare and found a very reasonable round trip flight to LAX for about $250 per person.  I didn’t pull the trigger. . . yet.

“Have you heard about that Mom’s Panel thing yet?”  Not yet.  When the calendar turned to October the twitter and internet world was all a flutter with expectations of notifications of those moving onto round 2 of the selection process.  If I were a predicting sort, I would predict news will come in the next few days.  We’ll see and I will definitely keep you posted.

“Can you help my brother plan his trip?”  Sure!  Here’s my number. . .  When the husband reads this he is going to ask where the commission is—with a smile of course.  My commission?  Knowing that a magical adventure is on the horizon for that family. 

I wonder what questions I’ll get next week!

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