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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Making Leaving The Magic A Little Easier

We’ve all been there.  The last day of a magical vacation.  Knowing that the next steps include packing bags and heading back to reality.  And, after twelve magical trips to Walt Disney World, we’ve discovered that there are some things that make leaving the magic a little easier. . .
  • Take Disney’s Magical Express back to the airport.  You get to stay immersed in the magic for just a while longer with videos, a friendly bus driver, and a curb-side drop at the appropriate location at the airport for your respective airline.
  • Use Resort Airline Check-in at your Disney Resort.  This service begins at 5:00am at most resorts and allows you to check your luggage at your resort rather than toting them to the airport and the airline counter.  Luggage tags for checked luggage and boarding passes are printed right there, on the spot, for participating airlines.  We try to plan our return flight based on this service—knowing it begins at 5:00am means we want our flight for 8:00 am or after.  (Oh, and the fee for our checked bags was a big less when using Resort Airline Check-in!)
  • For a tip, Bell Services will come to your resort room and assist you with your luggage.  Either taking your luggage to Resort Airline Check-in, or to the Magical Express coach, to your car, or to Bell Service’s storage location so that you can enjoy the rest of your day—if checking out now, but leaving later.
  • Keep your MagicBand on until you get home.  It was a great reminder of our magical journey to us and others during our return trip.  And, while it had no “use” it was fun to imagine that it could be used to open doors, pay for items, or gain entry into various areas.  And, since it is plastic, there was no need to take if off while going through airport security.
  • Use any left over snack credits to grab some snacks to go.  Can you not smile while eating Mickey shaped goldfish or pretzels?
  • Reminisce during the trip home.  Best parts?  Favorite memory?  Highlights?  What to do again next time?  What not to do?
  • And, we wear matching shirts for the trip home!
  • But the number one cure for making it easier to leave the magic is to have your next trip booked, planned, and/or reserved.  If you know you want to return, take advantage of a “bounce back” offer.  You’ll be smiling the whole way home!

There you have it.  Our top tips for making leaving the magic a bit easier.  Re-entry into the real world isn’t as hard as say an astronaut’s re-entry into the atmosphere, but it sure can feel that way.

And, who has their next trip planned?  Raise your hand!  Go head, admit it—we know you do!  And, good for you!

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