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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our Experience With Quicksilver Tours and Transportation

When planning for our grand summer 2014 vacation that included Universal Studios, a 7-night Disney Cruise, and a week at Walt Disney World, we had to make decisions about transportation.  We knew we were staying at the Hyatt at Orlando International Airport upon arrival to Orlando and that we want to get to the Universal Orlando Resort the next day, but how would we get there?

There are various options—taxi, car rental, even public transportation.  Our choice was a town car service—Quicksilver.

Making arrangements was fast and easy with their web-site—click here for a no obligation quote.  Since we had used them before, we even got a discount.

Instead of picking us up at the typical locations at the airport which are very busy, we were picked up at the Hyatt’s “motor lobby” located below the hotel at street level. 

There is a lovely waiting area featuring comfy chairs, air conditioning, a glass wall that keeps the noise and weather outside while you wait inside.  And, the entire motor lobby is covered, too.  Members of the Hyatt staff are also on hand to assist guests along with luggage racks and a digital kiosk for information.

Our stylish ride arrived and we were whisked away to a smooth ride through Orlando to Universal Studios.  We were dropped off at the transportation drop-off near the escalators to City Walk.  The driver also pointed out where our pick-up would be.

Riding the escalator to City Walk!
Speaking of pick-up. . . we were worn out and ready to go before our designated pick-up time and thankfully, Quicksilver was able to adjust their schedule and we were able to return to the Hyatt sooner than expected.  It was easy to contact them as I was given a card with a number and I also had them programmed on my phone.

We highly recommend Quicksilver for transportation needs in the Orlando area.

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