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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Automagically"--How Ride Photos Are Added to Photopass Accounts With Memory Maker

It is as if Disney heard my plea from our trip in July of 2013 or they were reading my mind when they instituted the ability for ride photos to be “automagically” added on to guests’ Photopass Accounts.

You see, last summer, one of the frustrating parts of purchasing Photopass +, which gave guests the opportunity to add dining photos at select locations along with ride photos to their Photopass Accounts, was having to wait in line at end of the attractions to have the photo loaded to your account.  After queuing up for the ride or attraction, then riding, guests would have to line up again in the photo section in the post-ride store, present their Photopass + card along with the ride photo number to get the ride photo digitally added to their Photopass account. 

This is no longer the case!  Just prior to our trip, Walt Disney World implemented the technology that allows guests to by-pass the photo portion of the store and yet still have the ride photo digitally added to their Photopass account via the Magic Band.  The catch is that guests need to have purchased Memory Maker AND linked Memory Maker to their Magic Band through their My Disney Experience account.

The husband's Magic Band came off right before this!
Memory Maker is the photo package that includes dining photos at select locations and ride/attraction photos, along with any and all Photopass photos taken.  Click here to read more.

Once a guest has linked Memory Maker to their My Disney Experience account—which can also include dining reservations and FastPass + selections, then ride photos are “automagically” added to the guests’ Photopass account as they move through and exit the ride/attraction.

Ride photo with ride border/stamp
And, since we linked Memory Maker to all of our MagicBands, it didn’t matter who rode the ride or who did not—the photos still got added to our account.

Original ride photo before adding border/stamp
The ride photos on Photopass are without borders or ride “stamps” so be sure to add them before downloading.

Automagically was the best word we heard all vacation!  It was so great to stroll through the post-ride stores without having to make a stop at the photo counter.  On the downside, I wonder how this stroll through has affected sales in these locations. 
NOTE:  As of August 12, 2014, guests with an active Memory Maker account will have a video of themselves riding Tower of Terror added to their Photopass account.  We just missed this!   Click here to read more about it and see a video.


  1. So I am confused do you have to tap your magic band on something after you get off a ride? How does it know which photo is yours?

    1. Michael, thanks to the radio frequency technology in the Magic Band, the system "knows" where you are and which ride photo is yours. No tapping or anything! Crazy, huh? Disney magic allows the photos to be added automagically!

    2. Wow that is crazy. Normally you exit a ride and you see several screens with photos.