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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Celebrating Our Anniversary at Sea!

On of the many reasons for our grand summer vacation was to celebrate our anniversary.  We were celebrating 12 years with our 12th trip to Walt Disney World, our 6th Disney Cruise, and our 2nd trip to Universal Orlando.  I love it when the numbers work out that way!

Our official anniversary date is July 20 and we were on board the Disney Fantasy enjoying the ship and all the amenities as it was an “at sea” day.  It also happened to be Formal Night on the ship.

We spent the day meeting Disney Princesses at the Princess Gathering, meeting the ship’s officers at the Castaway Club Reception—click here to read more, and also meeting Anna and Elsa.  After a full day, we dressed up for dinner.

There were many photo opportunities before dinner including meeting some very festive Disney characters.

The guys look so handsome in their tuxedos!  The husband grabbed the boy’s sunglasses as we were heading out of the stateroom—excellent idea, honey!  The sunglasses gave him a prop as he posed for multiple pictures.  Other families looked at us with smiles and nods.

Our rotational dinner schedule had us dining at Animator’s Palate and the restaurant was wearing its under the sea theme so we knew Crush, along with other friends of Nemo, would be joining us for dinner via the large and small screens throughout the restaurant. 

When dessert arrived, our wait staff presented us with a special dessert, hats to wear (made out of cloth napkins) and Disney Cruise Line buttons to wish us a Happy Anniversary.  It was very special and memorable.

We have celebrated our anniversary at sea three times now and can’t think of a better way to celebrate any special occasion.  If you need a reason to take a Disney Cruise, that is!


  1. Wow! I didn't realize that Anna & Elsa were BOTH on the ship TOGETHER. Were the lines long for that meet? And I love both of Minnie's outfits. Were both of those fancy dress photos taken the same night with Minnie? We leave on 08/23 for our first ever cruise (7 night Eastern Caribbean on the Fantasy). We're hoping to meet Minnie in as many different outfits as we can, and most certainly Anna & Elsa. How many characters did you meet on the ship? And how many photos did you end up with from Shutters? Thanks, H

    1. Yes, Anna and Elsa! There are no lines as guests may only see them with a special ticket. Check out the personal navigator given to you when you check into the port for information on how to obtain a ticket to see them. And, yes, we met Minnie in both of those fancy outfits on the same evening. How many characters? Lots! The daily navigators list character meet and greet times and locations. How many photos from Shutters? Just under 300, so the price of the CD was well worth it. Have a great cruise! So excited for you!

    2. Were all of those borders included on the CD?

    3. Yes. The photos on the CD from Shutters included the borders.