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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Disney Cruise Line's Mickey 200--Fun For All Ages

There are SO many activities to participate in during a Disney cruise and it can be hard to choose.  When we scanned the Navigator for our last day at sea, we saw the Mickey 200 listed in the “Fun for All Ages” category.  The timing was right, too, as the husband and I had a champagne brunch date at Remy later that morning.  The boy agreed, not completing knowing what it was so it was decided.

The Navigator indicated the Mickey 200 was going to be in The Tube, Deck 4 Aft, which is part of the adults only area after 9:00 pm.  The Tube includes a stage, multiple flat screen TV’s/Monitors, a sound system and sound booth, bar, and lots of different kinds of chairs.

When we arrived the race track was set up and we were asked to form a team name.  I got a glimpse of the trays of vegetables beside the track and got some inspiration.  We became the “Fiery Flying Spuds”.  The cruise staff hosting the event suggested teams of 4 people.  We were a team of 3 and that was okay.  There were approximately 9 teams the day we participated in the Mickey 200.

Here comes our tray of vegetables, knife, toothpicks, and wheel kit.
Our creation!
Team names were collected, safety rules announced (only adults could use the knife), and vegetable trays dispersed.  The goal was to create a vehicle out of the vegetables that would go the fastest down the track.  The vehicle could be no wider than a “Key to the World” card, but there were not limits on height.  After a specified time to build, the race heats began.

The Fiery Flying Spuds were racing in heat 2.  Out of the three vehicles, we came in 2nd.  A bit disappointed, we changed our allegiance to the team sitting at the next table and cheered them on.  They made it to the final heat, but, alas, did not win.

Large lanyards with Mickeys were given to the first place team, AND. . . the team with the cleanest area—this criteria helped immensely with clean-up, and the team with the best name.  Fiery Flying Spuds was awarded Best Team Name and the coveted Mickey Winner lanyard was ours!

The Mickey 200 lasts abut 30 minutes, is free to participate in, and does not require pre-registration even though the Navigator states that participation is limited.  We had a blast and would do it again.  Yes, it took us 6 cruises to discover the Mickey 200 and we are glad we did!

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