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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Food Are You Most Looking Forward To On The Ship?

While eating dinner last night, the husband asked me what food I was most looking forward to eating on the ship.  Of course, he is referring to our upcoming Disney Cruise on board the Disney Fantasy.  Since this will be our sixth Disney Cruise, we are not strangers to the food or menus on the ship.

My answer to the husband's question came momentarily, as there is so much good food to consider, that I needed to pause and consider my reply.  Soups.  Soups and seafood.  Those were my first responses.  The husband probed more, inquiring about any particular soup.  Nope.  All soups.

While each main dining room on the ship has a lovely menu with soups, salads, appetizers, and main entrees, I am known to order more than one soup.  Actually, I have forgone an entree selection and instead ordered multiple soups, salads, and appetizers.

Then, there's the seafood.  Many options, including some in soup form!  Also, there will be one day on the ship where the buffet style restaurant will have a seafood theme along with multiple seafood selections.  

I did add on to the answer to the husband's question.  Creme brulee.  I warmed him that if Creme brulee is served for dessert, I will be ordering more than one.  The husband chuckled and said that he would be ordering more than one entree.  Fair enough.  He also said he was looking forward to beef;  large servings of beef.

The last answer I gave was that I was looking forward to our Champagne Brunch at Remy and the foods we would get to try.  The husband agreed.

We are definitely looking forward to our next Disney Cruise!

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