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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Walt Disney World Trip Traditions

Every family has them. . . traditions.  Our family has trip traditions; things we always do on vacations, especially Walt Disney World vacations. 

Here are some of our traditions when we travel to Walt Disney World:
  • We take lots of pictures.  This would seem like a “duh” but we have seen families travel without a camera.  Either they forgot to bring it or didn’t bring the charger, or batteries.  And, while it took us some time to come to love Disney’s Photopass service, it has now become a part of our trips.  Our “must do” photo is a fireworks photo at Magic Kingdom!
  • We dine somewhere new.  Yep, each trip we give at least one new restaurant a try.  Then, inevitably, we really like the new restaurant and it goes on our favorites list and then it is hard to fit in all of our favorites plus new restaurants on our next trip!  We are still trying to eat around World Showcase at EPCOT.  Two more countries to go and we will check off one of those this summer.
  • We arrive at Rope Drop of whatever park we are going to that day—including Water Parks.  Just part of the routine.
  • We dine with characters.  At least one meal on each trip includes dining with characters. 
  • We wear matching shirts!  This tradition has expanded to even our days traveling to and from Orlando.  At least everyone in the airport knows where we are going and were we just came from.  And it makes packing so much easier!
  • We let Disney do the driving.  With free Magical Express to and from the airport and a fleet of boats, buses, and monorails to whisk us around, we sit back, relax, and let Disney do the driving.
  • We use Disney’s Dining Plan.  The Disney Dining Plan cinched our first trip.  I did not want to plan/budget/worry about food costs during our trip.  I wanted to be able to feed my family at Walt Disney World as easily as I could on the cruise ship (we had actually booked our first Disney Cruise before planning a trip to Walt Disney World—it’s just that the Walt Disney World trip happened first).  The Disney Dining Plan has been a part of all our Walt Disney World vacations.
  • We arrive smiling and leave smiling!  Even though the husband can’t seem to get excited until “we are at the resort” I know he is happy that we are on our way to the most magical place on earth.  Just the other night he told me he can’t wait to feel the boat rock under his feet.  Yeah, he is getting excited.

What are your family vacation traditions?


  1. I am interested in what you do with all of those photos. I know you've mentioned making autograph book(s). Do you make a book after every visit? Do you combine your photos from the Parks and the Cruise?

  2. And what do you do with the certificates from Jedi Training or other such things. I know the boy must have nearly a dozen. Do you scan and add to your book(s)?

    1. Excellent questions! Yes, we do create a photo book after each trip. If the trip includes both parks and cruise, then those photos go together in one photo book--to tell the whole story. And, yes, the boy has several Jedi Training certificates. We scanned ONE as they are all the same. We have used that scan in photo books. Also, when Walgreens has a free collage print, I am known to make collages of various activities, including Jedi Training Academy or a special shore excursion such as the sea lion encounter or parasailing. And, of course, many of our photos end up on our blog as well as the accompanying Facebook page. We also have a few framed photos from each trip on a wall of fame so to speak. Thanks for asking and thanks for reading the Williams Family Blog!