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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Answer To "How Do You Help Others Plan Their Disney Vacations?"

Our travel agent is "dropping" our names and using our experiences to help other potential guests! 

Last week-end, we escorted the boy to a Valentine Dance hosted by our local children's theater group.  While at the dance, another couple who were there with their daughter, started to visit with us about their upcoming Disney trip.  Seems they use the same travel agent we do--good for them!  How did I find that out?  Well, it goes something like this. . .

The family wanted to take advantage of AAA's discounts for Walt Disney World Resort and one of the resorts available for the time they wanted to travel was Disney's Coronado Springs.  The family had never stayed at Coronado Springs before and were a bit reluctant.  Then, the travel agent asked if they knew about our family.  The answer was "yes."  Then, our travel agent told them, "The Williams' really like Disney's Coronado Springs."

When the family was telling me the story, I was chuckling.  I thought it was funny that our travel agent was using our experiences and preferences to help others.

So, while the Williams Family Blog is designed to share our knowledge and help others, we now know our travel agent is also using our experiences as well.  Just another way I can answer the question "How do you help others plan their Disney Vacations?" on the Disney Mom's Panel Application!

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