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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Disney Dads!

 Happy Father's Day to all the dads and especially to all the Disney dads.  It takes a special kind of dad to embrace all that is Disney and because of that, I would like to wish our favorite Disney Dad a very special Father's Day!  Here are some pictures that capture the husband in all his Disney glory:
 Embracing all the pools, hot tubs, and water attractions make him a wonderful Disney Dad.  He's never met a water ride he didn't like. . . except Kali River Rapids.  You'll have to ask him why.

He wants to fight Darth Vader, too.  Being over the age limit for Jedi Training Academy by just a few years, he has had to find his own way to take on the dark side.

For finding the full indulgence of a bucket of beers in paradise.  It is the only special treat he asks for on a Disney Cruise, other than the various alcohol "tastings" that he has now discovered.

 He is willing to wear many hats while at Disney and usually wants me to take a picture, too!

He is appreciated for all the times he says "Schnooks, take a picture" of some scenario or pose.  Only a Disney Dad would be willing to stage all of these photo opportunities.

And, I can count on some sort of "sleeping" photo.  He has "slept" at The Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge, and other numerous locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.  As you can see, the boy has gotten into the act, too.

Oh, and I can also count on at least one "self portrait" photo from any trip or adventure.  It is my little surprise when I upload the photos into the computer.  The photo below is a self-portrait from our most recent Disney trip and I believe was taken in the Lego Store at Downtown Disney.

Our favorite Disney Dad puts himself in the show and enjoys every minute of other shows and attractions.

 He is willing to wear just about anything for an adventure and a photo including snorkel gear and Mickey Mouse flannel pajamas. 

And, through all of it, he shows us that he loves us very much.  Happy Father's Day to our favorite Disney Dad!  We love you!

Do you have a Disney Dad you want to appreciate this Father's Day?

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