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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 6, 2013

You Know You Are Helping Others Plan Their Disney Vacations When. . .

Don’t you just love it when you get to talk about or share your favorite things?  And, that is exactly what I got to do this week-end!  A shopping trip on Saturday afternoon not only elicited some “glow bracelets” from the dollar store for our upcoming Disney trip, but also some validation that the Williams Family Blog was helping people plan their Disney vacations (sometimes you just need a little validation.).

As our family was walking into Target, another family stopped to thank us for the blog as they were getting ready to take the grandchildren to Walt Disney World.  I thanked them and proceeded to ask for details. . . when were they going?  Where were they staying? Etc.  They were in good shape with their plans and then we laughed about how it wasn’t going to be a “restful” vacation, but a very busy one with their grand children while making lots of memories.  What fun! 

The Disney theme carried on with the following email from a Disney planner:

Thanks for you help so far!  I am excited to go!  What would you recommend that we don't leave home with out or need to make sure to pack that we will need at the parks?

Okay, I wasn’t exactly sure what the question was so I emailed back:

Are you asking if you need to pack what you will need at the parks or wait to purchase there?

Or are you asking if you will need to bring stuff with you for use at the parks?

Or are you asking if you need to pack park essentials in your carry-on luggage so that you can get to them right away without waiting for your luggage?

Let me know which question or if it is a different question altogether and I will happily reply!

Within a few minutes the email popped up with:

The first two questions.

Now I was ready to respond and realized that there had been previous entries on the Williams Family Blog that could possibly help this Disney planner.  Here was my reply:

Got it!

Ok. . . we are a pack what you need family as I don't like to pay "park prices" for stuff we will need and use.  Here's an article about thinking about shopping:  http://toddjodybrent.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-walt-disney-world-vacation-shopping.html

Now, having said that, there may be things you HAVE to purchase at the parks.  For example, Todd packed some shoes that gave him blisters and 2nd pair rubbed the blister, so we ended up spending $40 for a pair of sandals for him.  

Yes, we take park bags with needed items for the day.  Here are some helpful hints:  http://toddjodybrent.blogspot.com/2012/05/packing-bag-for-park-touring.html


Know that Disney allows food to be brought into the parks and that your bags will be screened by security before entering any park.  No knives, glass, etc.  

Hope that helps!

It is so fun to help others plan their trips!  Just imagining their family at the most magical place on earth and having an easier time rather than a stressful time because of the upfront planning brings me delight.  I want other people to “get it”; the magic that comes from a Disney vacation.

Oh, and the other thing I got to talk about this weekend?  Saving money.  But that story can be for another time. . .

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