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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Disney Photos Make Great Gifts

Photos make great gifts. . . anytime.  And, that is why I love Disney photo CD’s from either Photopass (at the parks) or Shutters (on the ships).  The professional, high quality photos on the CD’s can be used to make prints or other types of photo gifts—mugs, tote bags, etc..  And, the CD images also come in handy when making personalized greeting cards.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is another great time to use photos as gifts.  My Mother-in-law’s gift is ready; a framed 11 X 14 collage of the photos shown in this post with textured red background.  The photos came from our December 2012 cruise on board the Disney Dream and were a part of the two hundred plus images that were included on the CD along with Copyright release.  The photo CD was purchased from Shutters on the ship.

While this gift is a larger collage, often Walgreens has specials featuring free 8 X 10 collages.  This is when photos from the Photo CD’s come in handy again and get grouped together to highlight a specific event from our vacation.  We have a photo collage of when the boy was chosen as Holiday Prince of the Sea and another of his participation in Jedi Training Academy (from Photopass).  I made another photo collage of our special holiday pajama photos taken on the Disney Dream.

Our family and friends have received many photo gifts such as coffee mugs and personalized tote bags all featuring professional images from the photo CD’s from Disney vacations either land or sea.  And even our Valentine’s cards featured a photo from our trip.

But aren’t the photo CD’s expensive?  Yes, but. . .  But, the Photopass CD at Disney parks can be purchased in advanced for a reduced price of $119 compared to $169 after you get home or if you decide to purchase at the parks.  The photo CD’s from the ships are a bit more expensive.  Ours was $249 but we had a $100 photo credit from our travel agent, which made the price $149.  When you compare the cost per photo-- 240 photos for $149 or over 300 Photopass photos for $119 if you pre-order the Photopass CD—it really does become more economical.  Then compare how much you might spend or do spend on other souvenirs.  That $45 sweatshirt may be outgrown, but the photos will be around for a long time and provide lasting memories of our Disney vacation.  Photopass has even done some cool things with Facebook—allowing guests to share their photos almost instantly.  Not to mention the addition of Photopass + which adds on ride photos and dining photos to the Photopass CD. (Click here to read more about Disney’s Photopass +)

Here’s the link to pre-order your Photopass CD—click here.  Know that it is fully refundable in case you end up not taking as many Photopass photos as you thought.  The pre-order can be done anytime prior to your vacation, including while you are on the plane!  It just has to be ordered and paid for before any photos are taken.  Say, cheese!

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