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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, November 5, 2012

What's In Your Park Touring Bag?

Could we ever by-pass the bag security line when traveling into a Walt Disney World park?  Eventually, but not yet.  After nine trips, we are still toting and carrying various bags into the theme parks at the most magical place on earth.

I can recall our first trip that involved a stroller and bag needed for a just turned four year old.  The stroller was great as it held our huge bag needed for a variety of contingencies.  We have since slimmed down our bag carrying and now tote a backpack and cross-body bag.

The husband carries the backpack it contains many necessities of a day of park touring.  Here is a list of what you might find in his backpack:
        inflatable pocket seats (click here to read more)
        snacks--fruit snacks, small boxes of cereal, granola bars
        one bottle of water with cold water to start the day (we keep refilling)
        toys, handheld electronic game, glow necklaces
        jackets if needed
        sometimes a change of clothes for the boy

Our history with packing snacks goes all the way back to our very first trip in 2006.  Yes, we had the dining plan, but I was still concerned with having enough snacks to get us through our trip.  Our trip was in November around Thanksgiving, so I took leftover Halloween candy and mixed it with dry cereal, goldfish crackers, and other snack food in yogurt containers with lids.  We called them “surprise snacks” as you never knew what you were going to get inside your container.  Eventually, the boy figured out there was candy in the bottom and would dump out the entire container on the tray of his stroller looking for the sweet treat.  The yogurt containers were just the right size for packing in our suitcases and in the bag we took to the parks.  Also, we just threw the containers away when we were done. Our snack packing has evolved over time to more packaged snacks--fruit snacks, and small boxes of cereal, but I still pack plastic containers of mixed snacks to take with us to eat on the plane, bus, etc.  And, the boy still prefers a snack mix that I make with dry cereal, salty snacks, and raisins to other snacks.    Some folks pack baggies of snacks, but I prefer the plastic containers--recycled butter or sour cream containers--to baggies as the contents in baggies can get crushed. 

The cross-body purse that I carry has been through many trips.  I put the small bag into a larger tote when traveling by air so it counts as one carry-on.  Here is a list of what you might find in my cross-body purse:
        camera, video camera, batteries, SD cards
        cell phone
        autograph needs--book/pen, etc.
        container with quarters and pennies for pressed penny machine
        medicines(pain & fever reducer, anti-diarrhea) /bandaids/moleskin
        feminine needs
        Tide sticks or Shout wipes

Both the husband and I have a list of ADR’s, confirmation numbers, and any other information we might need--click here to read more.  He has his phone and wallet in his pockets. 

To make sure we don’t forget anything, the bags get partially emptied and repacked each night.  That way, when we are hurrying to get to the parks in the morning, we are packed and ready to go. 

Some things we don’t bring include the refillable mugs as they can only be refilled at the resort.  Another item that does not come with us is a towel, even though it may be an essential for some families. . . to dry off wet strollers after rain, wet children after playing in a water feature, provide shade, or designate a spot on the ground for parades.  Some families swear by baggies of various sizes.  We have yet to find a need for these, but do keep our autograph essentials in a gallon size plastic bag that zips close.  We don’t bring lots of water.  Our one water bottle that we refill is enough and then we get free ice water at counter service locations.  We also don’t bring bags that can’t be used hands free, hence the reason for the backpack and cross-body bag.    We also choose not to use lockers.

We have also tried fanny packs and that worked well when we also had a larger bag stored under the stroller, but when we finally went stroller free, we needed something with a bit more room that we could carry with us.

We still eye the “no bag” line with longing upon entering the parks and someday, it will be for us, but not yet.


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