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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Disney Magic Gets a Facelift

Disney held their “Monstrous” press event on Friday and Karl Holz, President of Disney Cruise Line, along with imagineers announced that the Disney Magic, will be getting extensive upgrades during a dry-dock stay in Spain in September and October of this year.  The Disney Magic was the first ship in the Disney fleet debuting in 1998 and was voted as Best Large Cruise ship by Conde Nast Traveler earlier this year.

Imagineers plan to keep the classic Disney elements while infusing what has been learned from the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

Here is what is in store for the ship:

The new AquaDunk will be added to the ship.  This multi-story water slide will "drop" guests when the floor is removed from the bottom of the slide, send them over the edge of the ship, and have them land on the deck below--which would be Deck 10 on the Disney Magic.  This water slide is a thrilling addition to the ship and an obvious play on the AquaDuck which is featured on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

 Alas, there will be no more Mickey pool on the Magic as the area is being re-themed to the Aqua Lab and will feature a new slide that is family friendly.  Previously, only children could take a turn on the Mickey slide.  In addition to the Aqua Lab--which is also featured on the Disney Fantasy in a bit of a different form--a new covered splash zone will be available for little guests not yet potty trained and ready for the pools.  The Disney Dream and Fantasy have Nemo's Reef, so this new area will most likely be similar.

Still on the upper Decks, what is currently Topsiders, will now be transformed into Cabanas which is similar to the Disney Dream and Fantasy.  Instead of buffet, it will be stations and the theme will take guests to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef to find Nemo and friends.
Another restaurant transformation that is long time coming is Parrot Cay will now be Carioca's with a Brazilian theme and getting it's name from Jose Carioca from the Three Caballeros.  This new main dining room will have a different look for day and night, much like The Enchanted Garden on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.
Animator's Palette, a favorite with guests, will get technology updates.  As Imagineers put it, when the ship debuted, it featured the latest technology which is now past its prime.  
The adults spaces on Deck 3 Forward will be getting a facelift with newly designed spaces featuring Fathoms.

The children's spaces will also be enhanced with new theming and updated technology.  When the boy heard about the Avenger's themed space on the Oceaneer's Lab he was so excited and then disappointed to hear that by the time we sail on the Disney Magic again, he would be too old for the Lab.  Hint--if you kids are old enough to use this space, cruise soon, as they will love it!

Even the Lobby Atrium which spans Decks 3, 4, and 5 midship is getting and updo during the dry dock.  A lighter color scheme along with a staircase being removed are included in the plans.  Helmsman Mickey will still be on the statue, but he will have a new glimmer and shine.

In addition to the above enhancements, guest staterooms will be getting an overhaul.  While no specific details were released, cruisers are hoping for the "higher" beds that are featured on the Disney Dream and Fantasy that are tall enough for luggage to be stored underneath.  Since the staterooms on the Disney Magic are already a bit larger than the Dream and Fantasy, any space saving updates are sure to make the staterooms seem even larger.

This cruiser is also betting that features like interactive art and Midship Detective Agency will also be added, as they are favorites with guests.

So, a new-like ship and new itineraries make sailing on the Disney Magic more enticing than ever.  What are you waiting for?  Call Disney Cruise Line or your travel specialists today!

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