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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, March 18, 2013

When Guests Break Rules It Isn't Magical

Safety, service, show, and efficiency are the pillars behind wonderful and magical Disney experiences with safety being number one.  Disney wants you, as a guest, safe and does everything they can to maximize guest safety.  So, why do guests want to overlook safety and break rules?

I’m not talking about obvious guest safety issues like climbing over barriers or going into unauthorized areas, more of the “if Disney doesn’t know we won’t tell them” kinds of potential safety issues.

I was participating in some message boards yesterday and was shaking my head at the number of people asking “would it be okay if. . .” followed by a definite Disney “no no.”  One example was a family planning on a 2 bedroom villa that will sleep 9 people and asking if they could sneak in 2 more.  Would Disney know?  Yes!  Each of those 11 people would need a Key to The World Card upon check in—unless they all have Annual Passes—and Disney would do the math.  The reason for the limit of people in the room is fire codes and safety; not to inconvenience guests.  There are so many different size room options at Disney, pick one that fits your family and your budget.

Speaking of budget, a parent and four children were going to stay at Disney Resort, but finances fell through and the plan was to then rent a tent spot at Fort Wilderness campground.  While not technically breaking Disney rules, it was breaking rules of sensibility as the parent had a health condition that would be exacerbated by the heat and walking—they were going in the summer—only to be greeted by a tent at the end of the day.  Others tried to convince of shortening the number of days, etc.  Finally, the parent decided to keep saving and go next year.  Excellent choice!

Another in the category of “not enough room in the inn” was convinced their family of six could fit in a room at Port Orleans Riverside (which can sleep 5 in some rooms) as the youngest in their family was a toddler.  Disney wants the names of people in a reservation no matter their age so again, this most likely wouldn’t pass Disney muster.  And, I have stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and while the rooms are lovely, it would be pushing it for a family of four in terms of space, let alone a family of 5.  They could get two connecting rooms at a value resort for about the same amount of money and end up with more space and two bathrooms.

No one wants Disney to slide in the “show” pillar as we all want to be immersed in the Disney magic that we know and love.  Nor do we want Disney to lack in efficiency—something I love when I visit.  And guests would revolt if our beloved Disney service suddenly became lacking or subpar.  So, let’s continue to help Disney with safety.  Let’s follow the rules and not ask for the rules to be set aside for us or try to sneak around and pull something off under Disney’s nose.  It is to the benefit of all of us.  Besides, I don’t think I could relax and have a magical vacation if I was worried about being caught.

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